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Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster REVIEW

Balaayah Black Gram Body Boosting Oil
Balaayah Black Gram Ayurvedic Body Oil

What is Balaayah Black Gram?

Bala in Sanskrit means strength and vitality. iYura's Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster is a rich oil with 8 potent Ayurvedic herbs in a rich black gram and sesame oil base for velvety soft skin. The oil works wonders at combating dryness, and wrinkled, crepey skin, and boosting skin strength.

This review explains everything about this one-of-a-kind Ayurvedic formulation. Please give it a quick read to learn about this product's beneficial ingredients and the reasons and benefits that will help you decide if this product is for you. (And if you do decide to buy, be sure to use our discount code MOH10 at checkout for 10% off.)

What are the Ingredients in Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster?

Iyura's Balaayah Body oil uses some of nature's most potent skin ingredients to fight damaged skin. It is loaded with these nutrients!

  • Country Mallow
  • Sesame Seed oil
  • Black Gram
  • Nutgrass
  • Castor
  • Pluchea
  • Velvet Bean
  • Dill seeds
  • Himalayan Rock Salt
  • Essential oils of Frankincense, Cardamom, Orange, Lemongrass and Jasmine

  • No mineral oil, parabens, or chemicals. It is a 100% natural Ayurvedic product with pure Ayurvedic herbs not tested on animals. No chemicals of any kind.

What Does Balaayah Black Gram Booster Do?

This impressive oil is made with natural extracts taken from Black Gram grain husks and herbal oils that coalesce together to offer incredible benefits like:

  • Hydration boost
  • Healthy skin tone
  • Brightening

Its nutrient-rich protein molecules easily absorb into the dermis of your skin to give you instant relief from dryness or irritation. Regular application will ensure your skin is soft and supple.

Are you worried Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster has a sticky feel like some other body lotions?

No, it does not. Non-sticky skin is guaranteed!

The rich and completely vegan-friendly oil gives you:

Instant Intense Moisture that Lasts

Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster Oil keeps your skin hydrated all day. Your skin won't feel thirsty anymore. You will experience better-nourished softer feeling, more robust-looking skin with every passing day.

Focused Effect on Dry, Mature Skin

It rejuvenates your skin cells and gives them new life. With time, this Vata-balancing oil heals your cells, strengthens your skin, and helps tone saggy skin.

Pure Tradional Ayurvedic Formulation

Thousands of years of Ayurvedic tradition have perfected this classical formulation. Perfecting the traditional recipe was laborious, but the results are transforming.

What Does Balaayah Black Gram Oil Smell Like?

Bsalaayah Black Gram Body Boosting Oil
A calmed down effect through the fresh aroma of Sweet Jasmine and Woody Cardamom while the citrusy aroma of Orange and Lemongrass uplifts your senses, leaving behind a spiritual after-scent and ultra-moisturized yet non-sticky skin.

The aroma has an intoxicating medley of floral and citrusy notes with Jasmine, Cardamom, Orange, and Lemongrass. You will also detect a spiritual after scent of Frankincense with warming vanilla essential oil to calm any anxious feelings assuring your heart that all is well! 

Why Should You Try Balaayah Black Gram Body Booster?

This body hydrating booster is for you if:

Diet and Lifestyle Stress

You struggle with skin damage from your daily grind and diet. This Ayurvedic oil tackles environmental pollution, work stress, nutrition deficiencies and more.

Excessive Sun or Heat Exposure

Your skin has had too much unprotected sun exposure and has started to lose moisture making it appear dry, flaky and prematurely aged.

Your skin is parched due to central heating, wood burning stoves and fireplaces that can be very drying to your skin.

Health Conditions

You have extra dry skin associated with common medical conditions like hypothyroidism, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, diabetes or kidney disease. If you have skin issues, please consult your doctor first.

Toxic Chemicals

You want to stop using body lotions that don't have natural, non-chemical ingredients. Lotions can enter your bloodstream and deliver their chemicals and toxic ingredients to the blood.

Your Body Feels Tired and Has Joint Pain

Ayurveda recommends Black Gram for those suffering from severe joint pain or rheumatoid arthritis. You can massage it on the area for relief.

In the Ayurvedic tradition, the application of oil on your joints and muscles to relieve pan is called Abhyanga. As we age, the more our muscles and joints hurt, the more energy our immune system uses to replenish them. This leaves us with less energy and the ability to feel strong.

You Have a Poor Diet

A poor diet is related to dry skin and an unhealthy body. Besides working on your diet, you should also incorporate this worthy oil into your skincare routine to meet your moisturization needs.

Is Balaayah Black Gram Oil Only For Women?

This much-loved Ayurvedic oil is for all skin types or anyone looking to restore their skin's glow. The formulation can be used by both men and women to achieve beautiful, naturally glowing skin. It isn't just exclusively for women – It's for anyone wanting to take care of their skin and benefit from its nourishing effect.

How To Use Balaayah Black Gram 

Take enough oil to meet your needs and massage in a downward motion all over your body until the oil is well absorbed. Work on one area for at least 2-3 minutes. Wash off before wearing clothing and follow with a warm bath.

Also, see our post to learn how to give yourself a massage. The ancient classical Ayurvedic text, Charka Samhita says that the body of one who gives themself an oil massage regularly, even if they work hard or experience stress is not much affected. His physique is strong, soft, and charming, and the onslaught of aging is slackened. Volume 1 V:88:89, Page 125


Why iYura brand?

iYura products are authentic classical Ayurvedic formulations that cater to the modern western user.

What distinguishes iYura Balaayah oil from other oils is that they have 100% pure, natural, vegan  ingredients.

Treat yourself to an authentic classical Ayurvedic formulation developed to repair, soothe and strengthen dehydrated skin. It guarantees a truly profound outcome. It's simply too good not to try!

There are over 1275 FIVE-STAR Reviews 

Balaayah Black Gram Body Boosting OilBalaayah Black Gram Body Boosting Oil

Written by Jackie Parker

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