This Easy Herbal Concoction Will Boost Your Immunity and Keep Seasonal Infections Away

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Changes in season and viruses bring about serious risks of common colds, flu, and lung-damaging virals infection. And if you had the rising pollution in the air, the situation becomes a real nightmare.

Consequently, we have to take care of our health, immunity to keep seasonal issues at bay.

The following herbal recipe is an easy herbal concoction and home remedy to stay healthy this winter, increasing your immunity and improving your lung health.

Immune Boosting Tea Recipe


1 inch of Ginger
A pinch of Black pepper
4 leaves of Tulsi
1 inch of Raw turmeric
1.5 cup of Water




  • Boil a cup of water with ginger, pepper, raw turmeric, and tulsi.
  • Strain and bring to drinking temperature before consuming.




  • Ginger and tulsi: Antibacterial, antiviral, immunity boosters, and de-congesters
  • Raw turmeric and black pepper: anti-inflammation
  • Black pepper enhances the healing potency of raw turmeric



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That delicious winter nip in the air is here. Unfortunately, pollution levels are on the rise as well. 🙁 #covi̇d19 has ensured that all of us wear proper N95 masks when stepping out and covering our eyes with proper eye gear. However something is bound to give in. Changes in season and the covid19 bring about serious risks of common colds, flu and lung damaging virals. Here's an antipollution drink that you can have everyday in the morning and evening to keep your immunity and lung health in check. Boil a cup of water with ginger, pepper, raw turmeric and tulsi. Strain and bring to proper drinking temperature before consuming. Ginger and tulsi are traditional antibacterial, anti viral, boosters and decongesters. Raw turmeric and black pepper ensure that Inflammation in the body is kept in check . Mixing black pepper with turmeric helps the healing potency of turmeric grow more powerful. #antipollution #lunghealer #immunitybooster #lunghealth #breathe #wearmasks #protectyoutlungs #IMA #nutritionbylovneet #lovneetbatra #lovneetbatrarecommends #delhipollution #aqilevels #indiapollution #airpollution #eatwell #

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So now it's your turn! Try this easy home remedy to stay healthy this winter.


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