Ayurvedic Remedies For Diabetes

Controlling Blood Sugar Naturally

ayurvedic remedies for diabetes

Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes work to lower symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination, insulin resistance, and excessive thirst and hunger. These Ayurvedic remedies have been used bу Indians for thousands of years. Today they are getting more interest and growing in popularity because they cause little or no side effects. As you will see, they are a safe, natural way to reverse and heal symptoms. 

Types of Diabetes

 There are two types of Diabetes:
Type 1 – Insulin-dependent or juvenile diabetes. Considered an irreversible chronic type of diabetes caused by a failure of the pancreas to produce enough insulin. It's when there is enough insulin in the blood, but the cells do not absorb the glucose properly. (5-10% of those diagnosed have Type 1)
Type 2 – In type II diabetes, the pancreas produces insulin, but the cells cannot absorb the glucose. Type II is due in large part to poor diet, obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. (Accounts for the majority of diabetes.)

Ayurvedic Remedies for Diabetes

Ayurvedic Remedies for Diabetes

Diet and Lifestyle

Ayurveda tells us the foundation for good health is rooted in our everyday diet and lifestyle. For the most part, our daily diet and habits are mainly responsible for unstable blood glucose levels.

According to Ayurveda, if you have diabetes you should follow a Vata-pacifying, nutritive diet consisting оf natural fruits, nuts, vegetables, whole wheat bread, and dairy products.
Avoid cooked starchy foods, oily or fried foods, heavy meals, аnd sugary desserts. Take 4 – 5 small meals a day, rather than 2 – 3 large meals.
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The first thing is to cut sugar and simple carbohydrates and replace them with complex carbohydrates.  
Watch out for hidden sugars:
  • raw sugar
  • brown sugar
  • corn syrup
  • high-fructose corn syrup
  • glucose
  • fructose
  • sucrose
  • fruit juice concentrate
  • Soda
  • Baked sweet treats
  • Fruit juice concentrate
  • Breakfast cereal

Whole plant foods are good sources of complex carbs:

  • Green vegetables
  • Whole grains like oatmeal, pasta, and whole-grain bread
  • Sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkin
  • Beans, lentils, and peas

ayurvedic remedies for diabetes

Lifestyle Habits & Self-Care for Diabetes

Meditation & Exercise

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Take a Walk. There is plenty of research about the health benefits of a daily 30-minute walk. Take the stairs. Stand up and wash the dishes. Get a stand-up desk. Go for a run. Do some gardening. Park farther away. Exercise is essential. Not only does it aid weight loss, but it also supports the cell's ability to utilize glucose, which improves energy metabolism, reducing fatigue.
Also, Yoga, meditation, and exercise are all part of Ayurvedic medicine. These health habits lower stress and also help enhance the flow of hormones in the body. Hormonal imbalance is the root of several diseases and disorders, including diabetes.


Rub Juniper or Cedar essential oil over the spleen and pancreas area.
ayurvedic remedies for diabetes
Juniper Berry

ayurvedic remedies for diabetes


Juice Therapy

Juice string beans, parsley, cucumber, celery, watercress, carrot, celery, parsley, and spinach. Sip one glass three times daily. Also, you can find 15 more Juicing recipes here.

Dry Brushdry skin brushing instructions

Dry brush massage daily to improve circulation.

Herbal Medicine For Diabetes

 Gymnema Sylvestreayurvedic remedies for diabetes

Gymnema Sylvestre has been used in India to treat diabetes (type 1 and 2) for thousands of years.
It is often referred to as the “Sugar Destroyer” because it helps to destroy excess sugar in the blood.
Gymnema helps lower fasting blood glucose levels significantly.
Regular consumption of this herb stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin and also blocks sugar absorption from the gut.
Gymnemic acid present in this herb helps enhance the production of beta cells. It also helps raise HDL (good cholesterol levels); while lowering LDL (bad cholesterol levels) and triglycerides levels. This prevents obesity; which can often lead to diabetes.
Gymnema Sylvestre curbs sugar cravings and improves digestive health, which is so essential for health and healing. 

Bitter Gourdayurvedic remedies for diabetes

 Bitter melon, also known as bitter gourd. It is the edible part of the plant Momordica Charantia, which is considered the most bitter of all fruits and vegetables.
The fruit contains at least three active substances with anti-diabetic properties that have a blood glucose-lowering effect.
Studies have suggested an association between bitter melon intake and improved glycemic control. Bitter melon increased cellular uptake of glucose, as well as improved glucose tolerance.

Salacia Oblongaayurvedic remedies for diabetes

Salacia Oblonga is another effective herb that helps lower blood sugar levels significantly. In one study it was shown to decrease insulin and blood glucose levels by up to 29% by working to bind to the intestinal enzymes that break down carbohydrates in thе body. Carbohydrates are the main source оf glucose.
AshwagandhaStudies show Ashwagandha can increase insulin secretion and improve insulin sensitivity in muscle cells.
Additionally, regular consumption of these herbs can help reduce blood sugar levels and manage symptoms of diabetes.
  • Black Cumin Seeds
  • Neem
  • Gaducci
  • Amalaki
  • Aloe vera
  • psyllium husk
  • Fenugreek seeds
  • Garlic
  • Jamun juice
  • Cinnamon bark

Manganeseayurvedic remedies for diabetes

 Manganese also plays an important role in the production of natural insulin. So, eat these manganese-rich foods.

 Vegetables – spinach, sweet potato, and kale. Nuts, grains, and fruits daily.

 Beans – Garbanzo, Lima, Navy, and Pinto

 Fruit – Raw pineapple, cranberry juice, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries

 Grains – Oats, Quinoa, Brown rice

 Herbs and Spices – Cloves, Cinnamon, Black pepper


Diabetes is considered one of the top ten killers of Americans. Almost 10% of the US population suffers from diabetes while 79 million people are considered to be pre-diabetic. Not only adults but children are being diagnosed аnd treated for diabetes! 
Excessive consumption оf medicines can result іn several side effects, and it can weaken the body systems in several ways. Health complications arising out of diabetes can lead to lifetime disability or they can prove to be fatal.
Ayurvedic remedies for diabetes help to manage the disease using simple dietary and lifestyle modifications that promote stable blood sugar levels.
I look forward to hearing from you below. I'm here to help you out and I would love nothing more to help you in any way I can. Let me know if you need anything and I will be sure to get back to you within “hours” most of the time.

ayurvedic remedies for diabetes
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  2. I think your site is very awesome. I love the first picture. She looks so calm and lovely.
    I know diabetes is at a very high maybe an all time high and we all need to make sure we don’t develop it. Eating more healthy is the key I think.
    I am now familiar with Ayurvdic remedies and have learned from your post. I know folks who are diabetic that I think would benefit from reading this post.

  3. It is in fact one of the most commonly found disease everywhere, not just America. If it is top 10, then in countries like where I am from which is Brunei, it is one of top 2, the other is stroke because of smoking. I am glad at present, there is a lot of healthy lifestyle and awareness to counter this issue like having a run of 5 km on a monthly basis and weekly cycling on Sunday in our capital city. Having said that, I hope to see some of these products like the Herbal Medicines you mentioned brought in here. As a matter of fact, I should spread the word which would be more convenient. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Hey Jackie,

    I completely agree with your advice. A healthy diet, an active lifestyle greatly helps with preventative maintenance, and managing diseases such as diabetes. It looks like the supplements your discussed can help too.

    I’ve read mixed information on whether or not Type II Diabetes can be cured. Some say “yes,” while others say no; I’ve even read that you can slow or stop Type II Diabetes, and have your diagnosis reverted to “prediabetic.” What are your thoughts? Have you read anywhere that Type II Diabetes can be completely cured?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Chris,

      I think you may have Type 1 and II mixed up? Type 1 is more difficult to treat, but I’ve worked with people who have completely reverted to pre diabetic just by altering their diet and lifestyle. Thanks for connecting! ~Jackie

  5. I have been diagnosed diabetes and COPD for 2 years and I followed a wide variety of treatments, thank you for this.

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