What is a Tea Detox?

An Easy Way to Flush Toxins

what is a tea detox
For centuries people from the eastern part of the world have turned to tea during periods of illness, both physical and mental. The reason why is simple. Tea has medicinal and detox properties verified by many studies in the Western world. 
As an added bonus, you will also learn what to look for when you're trying to figure out whether you need to detox or not. Finally, you'll learn how to incorporate tea into a liver detox plan.

What is a Tea Detox?

The purpose of any detox, including a tea detox, is to rid the body of harmful toxins. A tea detox can help to purify your organs and clear the digestive tract of toxins. Although it's not the most efficient way to cleanse your liver, a tea detox can be useful if you cannot commit to a more extended detox cleanse for whatever reason. 
Many detox teas available today for weight loss and liver cleansing are from Traditional Chinese or Ayurvedic medicine

How Does a Tea Detox Work?


Detox teas work by combining an assortment of herbs used for medicinal purposes. Dandelion root, lemon verbena, milk thistle, and licorice clean the colon, liver and other organs. Some of these herbs contain high levels of antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that cause damage to your body.

Teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant have an astringent taste which decreases water retention and is used as a tonic for a congested liver. Keep in mind that not all tea detoxes are equal. For the best results, look for organic teas that contain herbs blended together.

It is essential to understand that the process of detoxing requires more than merely drinking certain teas for a specific period. It also requires removing any burden from your organs during the detox process.

You do this by:what is a tea detox
  • Simplifying your diet
  • Staying away from alcohol, coffee, dairy, sugar & fatty meat
  • Avoiding all processed foods

Do You Need a Tea Detox?

While you may have a specific reason for wanting to do a tea detox, like losing weight your body may also be giving you signs that you need to detox ASAP.
These signs may include:
  • Fatigued or suffer from a significant lack of energy and motivation. You may also fight frequent bouts of insomnia
  • Depression, irritability, poor concentration or brain fog
  • Digestion issues – Abdominal pain, gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, and frequent indigestion)
  • Skin problems, such as acne or eczema
  • Mood continually fluctuates for no real reason
  • Excessive sweating or overheating
  • Your body is resistant to weight loss
  • Bad breath or a strong body odor
  • Joint pain and muscle aches
  • You drink alcohol to the point of intoxication

Benefits of a Tea Detox


Before looking at the health benefits of specific herbs, let’s look at the benefits of completing a tea detox:

Enhances Your Immune System

Organic teas are naturally high in antioxidants. Antioxidants protect your body from free radicals that break down your immune system.

Provides a Liver Cleanse

Your liver is the organ responsible for getting rid of toxins in the body through a 2-step process. This includes converting toxins into harmless agents and waste products. Over time, your body can build up excess toxins in the liver, which begins to slow down the entire process. A tea detox gets rid of these toxins in the liver, allowing it to get back to functioning at its optimal level.

Gives Your Metabolism a Boost For Weight Loss

Certain herbs can increase your metabolism to burn extra calories, even while you’re resting. As you can see, this contributes to weight loss.

Assists In The Digestion Process

Thanks to the natural compounds detox teas release, your body has a much easier time with digestion. This is because the process of emptying the colon helps to speed up the time it takes to release the toxins.

Decreases Your Risk of Certain Diseases

Studies say that your risk of heart disease and stroke decrease when drinking tea. Keep in mind that you will need to consume tea daily; though not in the same amount you would during detoxing, to maintain this benefit.

Improves the Appearance of Your Skin

Your skin also benefits when you remove toxins from your body. Besides fewer blemishes, skin often looks more radiant.

Increases Your Energy Levels

As you rid toxins from your body, you’ll notice your energy level increasing.

Health Benefits Associated with Specific Types of Tea

There are many varieties of detox teas on the market, as well as recipes for making your own… But there's no denying that finding the right tea cleanse for your specific needs can be overwhelming.
To help you determine which detox teas are best for you… Here’s a quick look at the benefits associated with the most common types of tea.

what is a tea detox

Green Tea

People have been drinking green tea for more than 4000 years as a medicine. Add that to a decade’s worth of research that has shown green tea has an astounding number of healing properties when consumed on a regular basis. Here are the health benefits green tea offers. 


  • Weight loss Green tea has a well-documented history of working as a fat burner to increase your metabolic rate to burn more fat than usual.
  • Purifying Effects It is exceptionally efficient at filtering your blood and eradicating toxins from your organs. The catechins (a type of antioxidant) found in green tea also can kill bacteria and slow down the spread of viruses in the body.
  •  Improved Brain Function – Improves neurological function to help you concentrate better and recall information easier. Also, some people find they no longer struggle with insomnia after completing a green tea detox.

what is a tea detox

Pu-erh Tea

This variety of fermented tea has plenty of health benefits when used to detox:

  • Clearer Skin – Thanks to its ability to neutralize free radicals, Pu-erh helps to clear up blemishes. It's also particularly effective in evening out and lightening skin tone.
  • Purifying the Blood – The fermentation process required for this tea creates unique micro-organisms to attack toxins trapped in the blood.
  • Enhanced Weight Loss – Valued by the Chinese to suppress fatty acid synthesis. This means it can stop the body from producing more fat. Also, the caffeine contained in the tea can make it easier for your body to burn stored fatty acids.

what is a tea detox

Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba mate tea is native to South America. When consumed as part of a tea detox, yerba mate is particularly beneficial. Benefits include:

  • Increases Flow of Urine – It can both soften stools and stimulate intestinal contractions. This supports detoxing by increasing how much water is lost during evacuation and urinationAccording to The Review of Natural Products, Facts and Comparisons Group, Yerba Mate stimulates intestinal contractions and softens stools, thus generally helping to detox the body by controlling constipation and increasing the water loss from digestive movements, urination, and evacuation. (February 1997)
  • Enhances Mental Clarity – Due to the caffeine found in Yerba Mate, you'll notice an improvement in mental functions, including the ability to concentrate and recall information better.
  • Significant Boost in Energy – Yerba Mate tea is especially potent when it comes to increasing energy levels. For example, one study found fatty acid oxidation, as well as the energy expenditure derived from the oxidation process increased by 24% when 1000mg of yerba tea was consumed 60 minutes before exercising [4].

what is a tea detox

Fennel Tea

Fennel tea is from the leaves, stalks, and seeds found in the flowers of the fennel plant. When incorporated into a tea detox, fennel tea offers many benefits, especially for the digestive system. They include:

  • Eliminating Internal Bacteria Fennel tea has a long history of reducing acid levels in the stomach, which gets rid of bacteria hiding in the intestines. It is also highly beneficial if you suffer from heartburn or indigestion for this reason.
  • Cleansing The Blood – It increases urine flow to flush toxins quickly out of the liver. For this reason, it also improves kidney function and inhibits the formation of kidney stones.
  • Weight Loss – By increasing urination, fennel tea decreases water retention, which is crucial for weight loss. It also gives your metabolism a boost, which diminishes cellulite, regulates appetite, and allows you to burn fat faster.

what is a tea detox

Milk Thistle Tea

Seeds from the Silybum Mariano make milk thistle tea, which is highly valuable for detoxing the liver. During detox, milk thistle tea:

  • Cleanses the Liver – Besides preventing toxins from binding to liver cell membrane receptors, milk thistle tea has also been shown to reduce damage to the liver caused by alcohol, various other drugs (such as Acetaminophen), and environmental toxins.
  • Detox the Kidneys – Milk thistle works wonders at detoxing the kidney, as well as stimulating the regeneration of its cells.


what is a tea detox

Dandelion Tea

Made by roasting the root, leaves, and blossoms of the dandelion is another great option for tea detoxes, thanks to the benefits it offers. They include:

Cleansing the Liver – Dandelion tea works to keep the liver healthy by filtering and detoxing the blood and maintaining the appropriate flow of bile. It is so effective that the first stages of cirrhosis of the liver can be alleviated by its consistent use.
Clears Skin Infections – The stem of the dandelion has fungicidal, germicidal, and insecticidal properties. These properties help relieve irritation and itching caused by eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, and other skin infections.
Cleans Out the Colon – This tea is high in fiber, which acts as a gentle laxative. It helps move foods through the digestive tract so it functions at its optimal ability.

Getting Ready to Detox


While you may be tempted to start your tea detox immediately, I don't recommend it. It is best to prepare yourself and your body.

To do this, follow the tips below.
  • Five days before you detox cut sources of sugar from your diet. This includes sweets, prepackaged meals, cookies, and alcohol.
  • Also, five days before, opt for a more straightforward diet with foods that you can digest easily. 
  • Drink plenty of water, while avoiding caffeine. Remember, it’s crucial to drink around 1.5L of water a day! 

Incorporating Detox Tea In Your Liver Detox Plan

Now that you are familiar with tea detoxing, it’s time to look at how you can incorporate tea into your liver detox plan.
It is essential that you hydrate adequately during your cleanse and tea is a great way to do that. Aside from the extra nutrient boost, you'll get, it will help to stave off the boredom from drinking mainly water.
Opt to drink tea with your meals and then before bed by following this sample tea schedule.
Include the following teas with your meals and also in-between meals when needed. 
Breakfast: Green Tea
Snack: Yerba Mate
Lunch: Fennel Tea
Snack: Pu-erh Tea
Evening/Before Bed: Dandelion or Milk Thistle Tea
If you are new to the world of tea detoxes, get ready to see some fantastic results!

Please do not hesitate to leave me any questions or comments in the space below. I'm here to help you be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself possible. So, let me know if you need anything, and I will be sure to get back within “hours” most of the time. xo

what is a tea detox
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Written by Jackie Parker


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  1. This is a great article about detox tees. How it helps us to improve the health of our body. It includes liver, skin, blood, insomnia, and much more. I have never tried before Pu-erh Tea, Fennel Tea, and Dandelion Tea. After reading this article, I’ll try these teas. I have one question: Can I drink one kind of tea, or I have to drink them in the complex like you showed in your article. Thank you so much for your article.

  2. Hi Larisa, Thanks for asking… If you find you like one of these teas best, that is perfectly okay… Although you may get greater benefit by including more than one. Hope this helps! 

  3. wow jackie. It was really helpful info there. I have drank green tea before for almost a week. but i was so not fond of it. But i found other types of tea on your site. Thank you for that. But which tea would you recommend the best which also has a good taste and some interesting ingredients too.

    • Hello Hasnain, I’m wondering if the water temperature was too hot when you made your green tea… which can give it a bitter taste. I get the best results at about 165 degrees. 

      I suggest just trying different varieties until you find one you like! If you are looking for a Cleanse Blend, try this one from Buddha Teas. It’s their Zen Cleanse and it has a tangy citrusy flavor with burdock root, dandelion root, milk thistle. It’s one of my favorites.Zen Cleanse

  4. Hi Jackie, thanks for this very informative article on detoxifying teas. I would just remind people that they should check with their doctor before embarking on any detox program – I was surprised to learn that some herbal teas can actually interfere with prescription medication (I would much rather just have the teas, but my condition unfortunately means that I have to take some strong meds). Really interesting article though, thanks for sharing!

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