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Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga Massage

Learn the Ancient Practice of Ayurvedic Massage

himalayan mountain abhyanga massage

Product: Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga Massage

Official Website: The Ayurveda Experience

Teachers: Robert and Melanie Sachs

Guarantee: 100% Money-Back Guarantee for a full 60 days

We live in a world of stress.

We're all trying to have it all and do it all… Plus, we're under assault with never-before-seen levels of toxicity. From the air we breathe to the food we eat, our bodies are under siege by the toxins and chemicals in our environment.

Luckily, there are practices and rituals we can use to get to healthier and calmer places.
Here I'll review one of them – Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga massage… One of the most beneficial and blissful practices to detox and put you in a state of relaxation and renewal.


Like many Sanskrit words, we can discover the meaning of the word Abhyanga (abby-young-ah) by translating each of the syllables. “Abhy” comes from the root “abhi”, which means “to rub” and “anga” means “limb”.
The ancient classical text, Charaka Samhita says:
The one who performs oil massage regularly, even if they are subjected to strenuous work or physical stress, is not affected. His physique is strong, soft, and charming and the onslaught of aging is slackened. Volume 1 V:88-89, Page 125

In other words, the translation of that 5000-year-old passage could be stated this way:

Give yourself a full-body oil massage on a daily basis. It is nourishing, pacifies the doshas and the subtle energies of the body that can get disrupted. It relieves fatigue and provides stamina and perfect sleep. It enhances the complexion and luster of the skin, promotes longevity, and nourishes all the parts of the body.

Abhyanga (ah-be-yun-gah) is a daily Ayurvedic ritual that detoxifies your body by mobilizing the lymph. Simply put, it is a full body massage using oil to help your body cope with stress and support longevity.

What is Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga Massage

Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga

This signature technique taught by world-renowned practitioners, Robert and Melanie Sachs, is called Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga.
Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga is their unique signature treatment. It's a fusion of several styles of massage they learned from their Tibetan and Indian teachers.
The course offers a detailed overview of what Abhyanga is exactly, how it should be performed, and which oils, herbs, and aromas you should use for your particular body type. It discusses the herbs and aromas per dosha and even addresses how you should customize the massage touch to your body type.
Abhyanga has the wonderful reputation of being an exquisite and exotic ritual with two therapists working in perfect union, performing a four-handed massage that coaxes the body into the deepest state of relaxation. But abhyanga is also easy to do for yourself, a technique known as “self-Abhyanga”.

By learning how to give yourself or others an Abhyanga you can:

Abhyanga is Recommended For:

  • Anxiety
  • Exhaustion
  • Dry skin, hair, or nails
  • Eczema
  • Weakness
  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Any mental stress

Benefits of Abhyanga

  • Helps combat fatigue
  • Builds stamina
  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Enhances complexion
  • Increases the skin's luster
  • Promotes longevity
  • Balances disrupted energies in the body
  • Supports weight loss efforts
  • Nourishes the body
  • Promotes flexibility
  • Increases circulation
  • Helps to eliminate toxins
  • Encourages and stimulates the movement of lymph
  • Improves ability to keep up with strenuous activity
  • Considered a passive form of exercise – this means it helps tone connective tissue and muscles
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Supports immune system stimulating antibody production
  • Calms the nerves
  • Supports digestion
  • Promotes balanced appetite
  • Any many more benefits for the mind, skin, hair and head

About the Program

The course has over 7 hours of information and is divided into 13 modules. Generally, working through the course in parts helps make the information easier to learn.
One thing's for sure… The course is extremely well organized! Every possible aspect of Abhyanga is covered in great detail.

For example, the course explains everything from what types of oil to use, how Abhyanga differs from traditional massage, how to perform self Abhyanga – and so much more. 

The program also includes four bonus videos. These include breast massage, laundry and plumbing care, three point diagnosis, and hand exercises

It also includes a text companion. The 20 page booklet is ideal for jotting down notes and concepts from the course.

Himalayan mountain abhyanga massage

Who Is the Program For?

This course is designed for anyone.
Whether you want to learn how to develop your own practice of self-massage or you want to learn how to massage others, this course is designed for both.
Consider this, if you are an Ayurvedic practitioner or massage therapist… This course provides you the skills needed to perform the entire Abhyanga massage, together with an understanding of the underlying Ayurvedic concepts about energy and balanced constitution and lifestyle.
By adding this unique protocol to your services, you can attract more clients. It will also help keep clients satisfied, returning for more, and promoting your work to others.

PROSHimalayan mountain Abhyanga Massage

  • Clear, easy to follow instructions
  • Extremely thorough program
  • It is a completely unique program and the only of its kind
  • Methods are explained in a calm, soothing demeanor. Robert and Melanie are knowledgable, caring, and enjoyable to listen to.
  • Covers the history of Abhyanga, details behind why it works, and interesting aspects of the process. It is intriguing to learn all the science behind it.
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Broken down in a way that is easier to understand
  • Well organized material
  • The visual aids help make the concepts easier to learn and remember
  • Filming is very clear, professional, and high quality
  • Professional knowledge without a high investment
  • One time, the material is yours for a lifetime. It is a small investment considering it is only needed once.\

Cons:Himalayan mountain Abhyanga Massage

  • It is a lot of information to take in and may feel overwhelming at first. For example, it may be important to re-watch segments as necessary. The included text companion is also a helpful tool for understanding the information.
  • The program is not a magic pill. It takes time and practice to learn the techniques. But it's fairly simple and completely doable.  

About the Authors

himalayan mountain abhyanga massage

I have had the pleasure of getting to know the authors, Robert and Melanie Saches, and they are wonderful. They are both experts in the field of Ayurvedic Bodywork and are highly sought after around the world for their renowned Ayurvedic practices.

They care deeply about helping people through their healing products and have extensive knowledge surrounding Abhyanga therapy.

Melanie Sachs is internationally recognized as a prominent authority in the world of Ayurveda. As a certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, she is sought after throughout the world. She and Robert are also best-selling authors.

Rober Sachs is a licensed Massage Therapist, Social Worker, and LifeLine Practitioner. He is an expert in Asian healing systems. Robert has worked with clinics, physicians, hospitals, individuals for over three decades. He teaches on holistic, spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

Final Thoughts

I've been practicing Abhyanga on myself and clients for the past 17 years. I can honestly say… If I could only keep one health ritual, I would choose Abhyanga.

The practice of moving warm oil into the tissues of my body provides me a grounded, protected, loving feeling that I've become addicted to. Interestingly, another Sanskrit word, Sneha, also means both “love and oil”. It is said that the effects of abhyanga are similar to the effects of being intensely and deeply loved. Abhyanga is an opportunity to love and feel gratitude for your own body, and when you appreciated it and pay loving attention to it, it just functions better! Wherever attention goes, some change occurs.

Whether you're massaging yourself or someone else, abhyanga is an opportunity to reduce stress in your life, remove toxins and restore the flow of vital energy to your whole being.

If you are a massage therapist or an Ayurvedic practitioner and have a license to offer massage, adding Himalayan Mountain Abhyanga massage to your menu is not only going to attract more clients, but it will also make them come back for more. Plus they will tell everyone they know about it! I offered abhyanga to my clients for years and word spread like wildfire throughout my community. It's a small investment to learn from the masters of Ayurvedic Spa Therapy.

Himalayan mountain abhyanga massage

Himalayan mountain abhyanga massage
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Written by Jackie Parker


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  1. Very interesting topic, I was not aware that there was a method for self-massage. although it would probably be very relaxing for me I think I would have a hard time reaching my shoulders and back as I have had rotator cuff surgery and have a limited range of motion. Could you elaborate on how a person such as myself could use this technique?

  2. Thank you Jackie for your review, this product is definitely a must have. I had read before about the benefits of essential oils, but i haven’t had the opportunity of acquiring any professional knowledge about massage therapy. It’s great that now i can have access to this type of knowledge from the comfort of my own home and it’s something i can put to practice right away on myself and love ones.

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