Avoid These 10 Common Fitness Mistakes You’re Probably Making

And How To Fix Them!

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As a beginner, we are all overwhelmed by the end results that exercise offers. We see photos of bodybuilders covered in bronzer with contours so sharp and crisp that they could cut straight through the wind. We see girls with a perfect curvaceous silhouette and wish to have one someday. We are pumped up with excitement and eagerness and are ready to push our limits to achieve it. In this marketing world, it is very easy to make these 10 common fitness mistakes and find yourself trapped in false promises.

We can fall prey to false advertisements. And so, it is important that we are clear about our purpose and do thorough research before charting out a plan.

You will find a lot of articles on the web that will tell you what care you are supposed to take before starting your workout regime. Let me put in the big brother boots today as I list out some of the fitness mistakes that you should avoid when you put your first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

10 Common Fitness Mistakes

1. Setting An Unrealistic Goal

Have you heard the story of the small boy who grabs a handful of sweets from the jar and gets his hand stuck inside? It’s time to put it into practice now. Understand that setting unrealistic goals is prone to demotivate and exhaust you.

You can’t have all the sweets at a time. Have one each day, and you will enjoy them more. Break your massive goal into smaller and easier steps.

Stop thinking about the video you saw on YouTube that says that you can reduce 10 lbs in 15 days. Not possible unless you are starving or are hard on yourself!

Holding on to this point, let’s move on to the next mistake- not following a proper diet. Professional Bodybuilders and Models spend 5-10 years just in getting the muscle mass, and then they go to the stage.

2. Following an Unhealthy Diet

common fitness mistakes
There is a belief, held by some fitness enthusiasts, that if you work out, you can eat pretty much anything you want. This is not true! Junk food is low in nutrients and high in fat and processed carbohydrates.

Are you thinking of going on a diet that requires you to skip breakfast, or kill your hunger? Then let me break it out to you that it is not going to help! Losing weight is more the diet than exercise. A balanced diet is as important for you to be healthy in and out. Fill your body with enough energy to sustain workouts and keep yourself hydrated.

In one report it is found that starving can even lead to weight gain when you stop starving your body, there is a proper method of decreasing the calorie intake, and if you want to lose weight you have to follow the proper method, unlike skipping two meals of the day.

3. Relying on Supplements and Bars for Muscle Building

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Only use protein shakes to compliment your diet. On its own, it does not magically build up muscle.

Protein should be an important part of your diet, and this is the reason why you should incorporate eggs and meat in your diet. But, relying on protein powers supposes possible risks to your health. They come in a wide form; you can find bars, shakes, and capsules marketed for muscle building, weight loss, energy boosters, and more.

And there are many fake supplements out there and a newbie cannot found the difference between the real one and the fake one, so we suggest you go with a healthy diet first then take on supplements. You can get the daily intake of proteins, fiber, vitamins, and minerals from a well-balanced diet. For more info related to supplements, you can read this article Bodybuilding and sports supplements: the facts.

4) Lack of Proper Techniques

fitness mistakes

You need to start slow and increase the intensity steadily. Let your muscles warm up and adapt at the start. You can start with some low-impact exercises, like walking or running.

Do not hit the treadmill like there is no tomorrow.

Do not feel embarrassed to ask questions and take guidance. Understand the techniques; learn the proper form to prevent mishaps.

Don’t continue performing if you are huffing or gasping for breath too much.

5) Getting Demotivated Easily

We all wish that getting in shape was as easy as eating. But, unfortunately, it is not. If you think achieving a great physique is a piece of cake (pun intended) than it is not. Pushing back and getting demotivated after the first try is a very common feeling. But, overcoming it and moving forward is like achieving 80% of your end goal. The rest 20% is just a matter of time and persistence.

It took discipline to get a good body, many newcomers think that you need to be motivated to go to the gym regularly, but it’s wrong, we all brush our teeth two times a day, and to do this we never need motivation right, why?

From the childhood, our parents told us to brush our teeth regularly, at first they even scold us to do it, but after two or three years it becomes part of our daily life, and you have to apply the same method for going to the gym, after some time it will be a habit.

6) Leave Your Ego at the Door

This is one of the biggest mistakes young girls and boys do. If you have joined the gym, thinking that this is one way to impress your friends or the opposite sex, then you are completely wrong. Lifting more weights than you can manage might look cool, but take my word; you are putting yourself at high risk and are prone to injuries. Here, there is no conscience effort of lifting weights but is overpowered by your ego.

7. Too Much of Anything is Poisonous for Your Health

Thinking more is better is not going to help you here. I am a believer in quality as opposed to quantity. Every exercise has its fair share of volume but also has limits. Make sure you don’t cross them.

Make sure that you do not exercise when you are ill or have injuries. For all the ladies who wonder if they should exercise during their chums, the answer is yes. In fact, studies have shown that women who exercise regularly experience fewer or no PMS symptoms.

8) Not Balancing Weight Training with Cardio

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Cardio is important for improving your heart health and increasing your lung capacity. Weight training is primarily for building muscles.

If you step in the gym for the first time and head straight towards the weights, stop right there. You should never skip the warm-up session. Cardio is important for improving your heart health and increasing your lung capacity. Weight training is primarily for building muscles. There should be a perfect balance between both. Also, remember that too much repetition can lead to injuries.

Here's how to properly warm up before weights:

9) Too Much Socializing

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Understand that gym is a place where people come to work out, and you are there for the same reason. You can socialize, make friends, learn new things from them, but make sure that you do not disturb them. Small talk is fine, but long conversations should be avoided. You cannot workout productively if your mind is somewhere else. Make sure you know your goals clearly, and nothing can distract you.

10) Following Gym Etiquette

If you are done with your day at the gym, make sure that you do not leave your mess there for others to clean. Keep all the weights in place from where you removed them. Moreover, it can be dangerous. People may trip and fall and hurt themselves.

Also, don’t leave your bench drenched in sweat. Would you like to lay down on a bench that is dripping with sweat? Maintain proper hygiene of yourself and the gym instruments as well. The last thing you want is to fall sick and miss workouts. Isn’t it?


There you have it, 10 fitness mistakes you need to avoid while you decide to start your fitness journey. Make sure to follow these bits of advice as they will help you not only to improve your physique or lose weight, but also make you a positive influence in the fitness world.

I hope that all your confusions and doubts are solved, and the road to an active lifestyle is clear. Remember to eat healthily, be consistent, and use proper techniques.

Author Bio:

Robert Williams is a fitness freak, he is in this fitness world for the last six years, and he spends most of his time giving training and providing health-related information over his website Fit Territory for free.

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