Make a Travel Hair Care Kit – Pack Your Stuff Wisely

Pack Your Stuff Wisely

travel hair care kit

When it comes to staying trendy on the road, properly maintained hair is important. If you are just like me (= have frizzy hair), make sure to prepare a travel hair care kit. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing 20 pounds of hair care products. Most of them will be useless. Specialists from this fashion hair salon want to help make a great travel hair care kit.

What Makes a GREAT Travel Hair Care Kit?

Rule #1 Forget About Full Sized Bottles

My experience proves that almost every trip can be performed without full sized hair products. First, imagine that you wash your head every few days and if you are going away for approximately 7-14 days (1-2 weeks), you won’t use that entire product from a full-size bottle! Second, regular bottles are not created for a travel load and can easily spill and leak. Third, extra weight from bulk bottles won’t make your trip more pleasurable.

What is the alternative?

I strongly recommend opting for travel size products. They are created to ‘survive’ in even most extraordinary situations and won’t spill easily. You will also get some extra space in your bag for some other really necessary things. If you travel far and don’t want to carry products with you, you can buy them at your destination.

Rule #2 Plan Ahead

Research to find out what can you get in your intended accommodation. Maybe there is blow dryer and flat iron, and you don’t need to carry them with you? If no, I prefer to split things with my friends; it means that we usually decide who will bring a flat iron and whose turn to take blow dryer. It helps to cut back on wasted weight and space.

What is the alternative?

The trip is an excellent way to give your hair some rest from styling products. Get prepared to travel by learning how to embrace your natural hair beauty. You can read some easy and cute up-dos to add diversity to your hair styles by integrating scarves and headbands. As a result, your hair gets minimal product, and you get new adorable looks.

Let’s now speak in more detail about what to bring. My usual packing list consists of:travel hair care kit

#1 Brush 

If you are a good researcher, you can find the even high-end brush in travel size. I am not, so I prefer to take the fold-up brush with mirror.

#2 Headbands

Yes, yes, and yes! I can’t live without headbands when I’m on the road. They help to keep the hair out of my face, protect hair from wind and the sun, make it more manageable, and help to hide 2nd, 3rd, or even 4th day. Moreover, they can serve as the neck wrap, beanie, or scarf.

#3 Hair Ties

If you have long hair, hair ties are an essential element of your everyday life. The same thing is when you are on the road. I recommend choosing those without the metal clasps to avoid damage and pain as your hair can stick to the metal details.

#4 Hair Spray

I usually can’t make my hair look perfect without hair sprays, so I can’t live without such sort of things. When I’m planning a trip, I exclude aerosols from the list. Also, I don’t trust to pump alternatives as they can easily break and leak. As a result, I stop on choosing gels or pomades.

#5 Blow Dryer

As I’ve already mentioned, many hotels provide their guests with a blow dryer. So, all I have to do is to find out will I have the possibility to rent the tool or no. If the answer is negative, I add my travel sized blow dryer to planning list.

#6 Flat Iron

I always try to embrace my natural hair on the road; still, sometimes I can’t survive without this helpful tool. For such cases, I’ve purchased travel sized flat iron. Nevertheless, I advise you to give your hair a rest from all damaging factors.

#7 Liquid Shampoo, Liquid Conditioner

Can’t find your favorite product in a travel size bottle? Purchase special leak-proof bottles and measure out chosen product in it. Remember, that airplane cabin is one of the causes of leaks, so take care of your stuff before the trip!

#8 Solid Products

Solid Shampoo and Conditioner are suitable alternatives to liquid ones if your hair type and scalp allow to use them.

#9 Dry Shampoo

It is a product I can’t live without while I’m on the road. Of course, it can’t serve as the alternative to usual hair wash, but it can help to make your hair look great between showering or hair-washing days. It soaks up the oil your scalp produces and thus makes hair look cleaner. Notice, you should not overuse it because it will be just the same as to powder your face instead of washing it.

Now you are ready to create a trip product list which won’t be overcrowded with unnecessary products.

Written by Jackie Parker


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  1. With all the changes in regulations for flying these days, this article is just what you need to piece together a proper kit for traveling. Your right about not taking full-size bottles and having a travel size hair dryer does come in handy depending on where you’re going.

    My wife also likes to have curling irons etc. so checking your site for other alternatives will make planning for trips easier by getting the right products.

    • Hi Travis, Thanks for connecting and commenting.

      I loved this post by Jessica too! I’ve found it does help to plan and think about exactly what you’ll need. I’ve taken too many vacations where I took entirely too much stuff! I LOVE check lists. 🙂

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