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The Best Product For Dry Skin in Winter

Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate

best product for dry skin

Winter isn't for the faint-hearted. Cold temperatures and low humidity draw moisture away from your epidermis and the result is dry, rough, flaking, itchy skin. So keep reading to learn more about the best product for dry skin and why concentrates are far superior to creams.

The Best Product For Dry Skin

Yes, winter can be unkind to our skin. It's the time of year when the pesky appearance of aging, crepey, overly dry, parched skin is most visible. Cold temperatures, low humidity, and harsh winds pull moisture from our skin, leaving it dry, itchy, and maybe even cracked and bleeding.

Additionally, dry skin is much more common with age. Approximately 75% of women over the age of 60 have dry skin. It's often due to the cumulative effect of sun damage and the drop of hormones that results in skin that does not retain moisture well.

But don't lose hope because there's a solution and it's called Turmeric Tangerine Youth ConcentrateIt's the Ayurvedic answer to dry skin!

best product for dry skin
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This concentrate stops dry skin with 100% natural ingredients like:

  • Tangerine to hydrate and plump your skin
  • Turmeric to impart a golden glow and even out the tones in your complexion
  • Bhringraj for hydration and treating inflamed skin
  • Bakuchi for a radiant complexion
  • Licorice to soothe and hydrate irritated, acne-prone skin
  • Manjishtha deeply cleanses the skin while making dark spots appear lighter
  • Coconut to seal in moisture and smooth and soothe dry, dull skin
  • Shea Butter for unparalleled moisturization
  • The Goodness of as many as 17 time-honored Ayurvedic ingredients

Give your skin the nourishing and brightening goodness of Turmeric and Tangerine with its blend of pure herbs and oils for a clear and firm-looking, even tones appearance and enviable glow!

Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate is the Best Product For Dry Skin

best product for dry skin
Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate – ***Use Discount Code MOH10 at checkout for DISCOUNT***

Creams VS Concentrates

best product for dry skin
The Best Product For Dry Skin – ***Use Discount Code MOH10 at checkout for DISCOUNT***

Why it matters which one you should use

Concentrates are not water-based:

Creams are typically emulsions with water and oil. This makes them dependent on preservatives, reduces their shelf life, and dilutes the efficacy. Concentrates are NOT water-based. Instead, they contain concentrated active ingredients that are highly potent. And since Concentrates don't need preservatives, Turmeric Tangerine Youth Concentrate is Preservative-Free!

Non-Sticky. Won't clog your pores. Ultralight

Creams have a thick consistency and can form an icky layer on the skin that feels greasy and also clogs the pores. Not only that, but this extra sticky layer also attracts more impurities. Concentrates are lightweight and have a silky texture. They are easily absorbed and don't form another layer. Your skin feels free and able to breathe.

More Effective:

Being extremely concentrated with active ingredients. Concentrates are much more effective in action. They deliver active ingredients right into the skin giving it a healthful boost of radiance.

Small amount needed:

The heavy texture of creams also means that you need a large quantity of it (which adds to the heavy, weighted feeling). With concentrates, however, you only need a very small amount for the picture-perfect finish!

best product for dry skin
***Use Discount Code MOH10 at checkout for DISCOUNT***
best product for dry skin
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