The 10 Health Benefits of Spirulina

One of the Most Nutrient-Rich Foods on Earth

health benefits of spiraling

Maybe you've already heard about Spirulina? It's the scum-like stuff floating on top of ponds that we call chlorophyll or algae. If you're interested in improving your health with natural remedies and haven't considered Spirulina as a valuable food source, keep reading. Here you will learn all about the 10 invaluable health benefits of spirulina and more.

Spirulina's Backstory and Life-giving Power

Way back in the 14th Century the Aztecs started to harvest and eat Spirulina. They called it Tecuitlatl, which means ‘stone dung”.

Actually some research points back to the 9th century to the people of Chad during the Kanem Empire. These people made cakes of spirulina that they harvested from small lakes and ponds around Lake Chad.

Today, people from all over the world consume Spirulina. In 1974, the World Food Conference declared Spirulina an ultimate food for the future. They hailed as a superfood to help out with malnutrition in certain areas of the world.

Such an impressive superfood it was, that it became the main ingredient in the diet plan of NASA astronauts. While they were in space it supplied the nutrition they needed. Then when the world learned that NASA was using it for their astronauts, it became enormously popular.

How Spirulina Helps You 

Spirulina is not a plant at all. It is a type of bacteria found in bodies of salt and fresh water. It is actually just one type of microalgae. The others are chlorella, kelp and seaweed.

The reason Spirulina is recommended as a superfood is simple. It's loaded with a great deal of the B vitamins, vitamin E, beta-carotene and mindeals such as selenium, copper and iron. Additonally, it contains GLA, Gamma-linolenic acid, which is an omega-6 fatty acid.

If you are a vegetarian, you will find Spirulina a very beneficial addiotn to your diet. This is because of the high concentration of protein, B12 and iron which vegetarians are usually lacking.

Typically, vitamin B12 is found in animal proteins and it's why non-meat eaters are so drawn to spirulina. Omega-3 fatty acids, nutrients often found in fatty fish, also abound in spirulina.

Others think that the benefits of spirulina go even beyond that of nutrition. Many people take it because of its help with weight loss; let alone other things such as ADHD, PMS, and allergies. This makes sense because of it's packed with B vitamins responsible for energy reactions in the body.

There are some Japanese seniors who have only relied on Spirulina and water for more than 20 years. This proves how beneficial and wholesome spirulina is for the human body.

health benefits of spiraling

There are benefits for any one who takes spirulina. But, there are some who will see greater benefits than others.

These are the people who will benefit most:

  • Kids who don’t eat enough vegetables or get adequate nutrition
  • Teenagers who are in a growth spurt will get support from a high intake of nutrients found in spirulina
  • Pregnant or nursing women who need extra nutrition
  • Seniors citizens who are unable to eat well or can't manage to take three nutritious meals a day
  • Athletes who need extra nutrients for the extra energy required to play their sport
  • Anyone who rushes around, or can't find the time to eat good nutritional meals
  • Ailing or sick patients and other people who need the high nutrients to aid in their healing
  • Vegetarians who need extra nutrient sources

That just about includes everyone, right?!

But there are a few people who should not take spirulina. These are:

  • Those who have from hyperparathyroidism
  • People with serious allergies when it comes to seaweed or seafood
  • Anyone with have a high fever

Because Spirulina is a natural food it will generally not cause problems. But still… it is best not to be too enthusiastic and not go overboard and take too much because it will just go to waste.

Some folks may be allergic and experience allergy symptoms when taking Spirulina. Look out for these signs:

  • A minor fever
  • Mild dizziness. (If this does occur, take a bit less. If it does not improve, stop taking Spirulina)
  • Stomach-aches
  • Itching, skin rashes, hives, swelling of the face and mouth

I recommend you buy your Spirulina from a reliable source. If you buy from suspect source, it could be have contamination from spirulina microcystins.

Spirulina is a Food and a Medicine

health benefits of spirulina

Disease and illness happen to our bodies when we don't get proper nutrition. Symptoms is just the body telling us that something is wrong – there is a lack of something causing an imbalance in the body.

If we pay attention to what's going on with our body, we can begin to replenish the nutrients so the symptoms go away. If we don't, then our immune system becomes compromised and can cause even more health problems

It's typically at this stage where people will consult their health care provider to prescribe some pharmaceutical to help.

Medical research has found that Spirulina supports our bodies. When you use Spirulina as supplement, you are helping to halt some of the nutritional deficiencies that can cause disease.

Let’s look at even more benefits that taking spirulina can bring:

The 10 Health Benefits of Spirulina

1. It’s Loaded With Nutrients

Just 1 Tablespoon of spirulina powder has just 20 calories. Aspide from that, it has:

  • 4 grams protein
  • 2 grams carbohydrates
  • 1 gram fat– Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids
  • 11% iron
  • 21% copper
  • 11% of your daily dose of Vitamin B1
  • 15% of your daily dose of Vitamin B2
  • 4% of your daily dose of Vitamin B3
  • Small amounts of manganese, magnesium, and potassium
  • Polyphenols and antioxidants included as well

2. Minimizes Your Chances of Stroke

No one wishes to ever have a stroke. A stroke can significantly reduce the quality of your life and can be deadly. In times past, there were no real way of preventing stroke. But today, we know that a good diet can prevent it.

With all Spirulina's antioxidants, it can reverse the effects of a poor diet. It can combat oxidative stress that damages DNA and our cells. We know this can then lead to dreadful diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

3. Supercharges Your Energy Levels

Energy is something we all desire. We want to leap out of bed in the morning, full of life – and we want this energy to last all day. Good foods provide this kind of energy and Spirulina is one such food that can produce great energy!
Here's a tip! When you mix Spirulina with Lime juice, you super charge your energy levels. This is because this combination unlocks sugar from your cells!

4. Reduces Cholesterol

The three basic types of cholesterol are:

  • Triglycerides (fat cells)
  • LDL Cholesterol (for producing hormones)
  • HDL Cholesterol (controls the other two)

Heart disease occurs when there are high triglycerides or LDL-cholesterol in your body. Any damage to your artery walls can cause heart disease, clots, stroke and the like. Spirulina helps to regain control over the cholesterol levels in the body. It can actually prevent LDL cholesterol from becoming hardened plaque.

More on Natural Remedies for Lowering Cholesterol here

5. Cancer Benefits

Studies show that Spirulina helps fight cancer, particularly oral cancer. This microalgae has been shown to have anticancer properties.

health benefits of spirulina

6. Detoxifies Heavy Metals

When we talk about heavy metals, we're talking about poisons caused from the environment, water and processed foods.

Not only can Spirulina combat heavy metals, but it is a godsend if you have allergies. Spirulina can prevent histamine release, supporting your fight against allergies.

Scientists in Bangladesh found that around 3% of the Bangladeshi people had signs of heavy metal (arsenic) poisoning. Scientists gave 24 of these people 250 mg of spirulina and 2 mg of zinc twice a day. Their verdict: was “a tremendous improvement”.

Spirulina does an excellent job of detoxifying the body of all chemicals and toxins to reduce health problems and restore the body to function to its fullest capacity.

7. Spirulina Reduces Blood Pressure

Millions of people all over the world suffer from high blood pressure. But, spirulina can lower your blood pressure. To keep your blood pressure down important because high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart disease diabetes, and others.

8. Spirulina Supports Weight Loss

Because spirulina is rich in protein and other potent nutrients, you feel fuller for longer, thereby helping you to curb your appetite.

9. Reduce The Side Effects of Antiobiotics by taking Spirulina

Antibiotics are there to kill bacteria and fungi in your body. This means that it kills off the good bacteria as well. Good bacterium keeps your digestive tract healthy and protects your body from infection and illnesses.

Spirulina promotes the growth of good bacteria to keep your digestive tract optimized and your immune system healthy.

10. Spirulina Can Help Replenish Nutrient Deficiency of Eating Processed Foods

Today, in our modern world, we eat too many processed foods with little nutrition and dangerious ingredients. Things like color additives, artificial tasters and sweeteners, trans-fats and the like.

Much of this stuff is made and processed by machines. It's no wonder why people are sick and die before their time. Our lifestyles are much different than or ancestors. The truth is, it is challenging to find foods that don't have chemicals in the market.

Our healthy experience of life is at stake by the food choice we make. The wrong choices can lead us to chronic and fatal disease. Obesity is one that is visible, but others are silent killers.

You can heal yourself. Hippocrates said, “Let the food be thy medicine” – he was right because there is healing power in nature. Sometimes we can’t afford the right food, sometimes not even knowing what we need.

Don’t ignore spirulina. it has the ability to replenish the nutrient deficiency your body might be experiencing as well as cleansing it at the same time. With spirulina, you can regenerate your body faster, allowing it to heal itself.

Conclusion of The Health Benefits of Spirulina

Spirulina, the superfood, often referred to as an ‘untreated’ food. It is packed with the most nutrients available on planet Earth today.

If you follow a diet such as the Paleo diet, you will agree that if a food was not available around the time of the early cavemen, then we should not be eating it today. It is only natural, nutrient-dense foods which are consumed on this diet. And since spirulina is a form of plant microalgae, packed with nutrients, it is highly accepted on this diet.

Spirulina is a wonder food. Not only for your body, not only for your health… but also for beautiful skin, ideal for skin masks and skin peels, spirulina cleanses out the skin pores and nourishes the skin – the effects can definitely be seen. Spirulina deserves the attention it receives.. Not only that, it is safe to use with no significant side effects. Thus, you can consider it as one of the best food supplements, ever, and you will truly be hard pressed to find a food that is more superior, nutritionally.

health benefits of spirulina

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