101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review

The Dark Side of Healthy Food

toxic food ingredientsAre you concerned about putting toxic food ingredients into your body? And what about your kids, or those you love?

Do you know what's in good food? Or how to read an ingredient list so you can avoid the toxic stuff they're putting into our food supply these days? Because food manufacturers have ways of disguising the true contents of their products.

Know what's in your food

toxic food ingredientsRight now there are over 313 million people living in the US, and there are only a few dozen food corporations.

These corporations only have an interest in maximizing wealth for their shareholders… And we end up eating billions of pounds of extremely unhealthy food that's loaded with chemicals and additives, and we just keep getting sicker.

And don't make the mistake of thinking that just because you buy your food in a health food store, it's safe.

Giant food corporations now dominate the organic market, and there are unsafe additives in even organic products. So just make sure you know what you're buying.

what is in healthy foodRecently I picked this vegetable bouillon up at my local health food store. It wasn't until I got home I noticed the 2nd ingredient is “yeast extract”…which is another name for MSG.


Giant Food Corporations now Dominate the Organic Market

Toxic food ingredients

So, what are toxins, really? Which should you be on the lookout for? How do you know who to trust? And ultimately, what should you do to stay healthy?

I was just given a copy of 101 Toxic Food Ingredients to review and would like to share what I learned from the program.

toxic food ingredients101 Toxic Food Ingredients Review

toxic food ingredientsWhat you get:

Toxi-Fact Tool

Bonus Material
1: The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners
2: The Truth About Flavors and Coloring
3: The Truth About Food Additives
4: The Truth About Preservatives and Oils
5: The Truth About Food labels
6: The Truth About Water
7: Cravings Survival Guide

Click Here for the Official 101 Toxic Food Ingredients They NEVER told you about Website…

Author: Anthony Alayon

Price $17

toxic food ingredients
Taxi-Fact Tool

The Toxi-Fact Tool

The Toxi-Fact Tool is an app where you can enter whatever ingredient in question, and it will give you all the information you need on that product.

Right away I knew I would use this. I'm sensitive to certain additives like MSG which has many hidden names, so the app is a practical way to find out if the product or ingredient is something I want to avoid.

It then tells me alternatives to replace the harmful ingredient. Pretty easy.

In addition to the app, there is a Quick Start Guide and 7 Bonus Reports.

Bonus Material
1: The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners
2: The Truth About Flavors and Coloring
3: The Truth About Food Additives
4: The Truth About Preservatives and Oils
5: The Truth About Food labels
6: The Truth About Water
7: Cravings Survival Guide

Quick Start Guide

toxic food ingredientsIn 101 Toxic Food Ingredients Quick Start Guide, Anthony Alayon explains what to expect with this system and how to get the most from it.

He talks about his journey from a kid who loved sports to a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Certified Fitness Trainer.

Yet, Alayon's health didn't seem the best even though his body was in prime shape. He began investigating our food supply and the many toxic food ingredients that make you sick.toxic food ingredients

The shocker is… These hidden ingredients are in even some of the “healthiest” foods out there!  So Alayon put together 101 Toxic Food Ingredients Guide to share what he discovered about hidden ingredients and the effects they have on your health.

Bonus #1 – The Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

In this guide, you will learn about the hidden facts about artificial sweeteners and what foods you'll find them in.

toxic food ingredientsCovered in this guide are the artificial sweeteners:

Aspartame, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Neotame, Acesulfame-K, Saccharin, Mannitol, Polydextrose, Sorbitol, Sugar Alcohols, Hydrogenated Starch Hydrolysates, and Sucralose.

These sweeteners are in diet sodas, cereal, pudding, juices, and even children's vitamins.

But in total, there are around 9,000 products on the market today that use artificial products for low-calorie sweetness.

This guide identifies the artificial sweeteners you might be consuming and the side effects resulting from consumption.

These side effects could include simple things like insomnia, dizziness, headaches and weight gain to more complicated things like seizures, vision problems, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's  and Type 2 diabetes.

With this guide, you will also know which foods have these harmful sweeteners, plus advice on ways to replace them with much healthier alternatives.

Bonus #2 – The Truth About Artificial Coloring & Flavoring

toxic food ingredientsThe guide on artificial colors and flavors will draw attention to the danger of artificial colorings and flavorings and which foods have them.

It discusses such ingredients as red dye, blue dye, yellow dye, green dye, and caramel coloring. You'll learn what color dyes are found in what foods and how best to avoid them. (As much as possible food dyes should be removed from kid's diets)

The dyes have many negative neurological side effects and sometimes result in ADD, ADHD, allergies, hives and tumors in the lymph glands.

A healthy alternative to using these dyes would be to use vegetable or fruit coloring instead. Red beet powder is a coloring agent that produces the same reds and purples as artificial dyes, but without the side effects.

Avoiding processed foods that contain these ingredients is also a helpful way to reduce the consumption of junk food and other artificial ingredients that cause similar problems with your health.

Bonus #3 – The Truth About Food Additives

toxic food ingredientsIt is amazing how many hidden additives are in our food when we don't make that food from scratch.

In this guide, Alayon highlights a number of additive ingredients that cause adverse effects on our health. These ingredients include gluten, cornstarch, dextrin, refined grains, homogenized milk, yeast extract, and various white flours.

Additives are found in everything from baked goods and pasta to crackers and beer. Sometimes they are even hidden in non-food items such as lipstick, stamps, and certain medications.

Health conditions associated with food additives are such things as lupus, migraines, Epilepsy, IBS, Migraines, Anemia, Dementia, Cancer, Schizophrenia, Rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Lupus, and anxiety.

The guide helps users identify which products tend to have the most of these ingredients and provides lists for healthier alternatives for each food additive.

These changes can help by improving your current health and mood and also by reducing your risk of developing diseases.

Bonus #4 – The Truth About Preservatives & Cooking Oils

toxic food ingredientsPreservatives are often added to foods as a cheap means for extending that product's shelf life. This section is so full of hidden ingredients and where they are found, that it is divided into two parts.

In the first part, a number of preservatives and cooking oils are considered. These include things like Olestra, Brominated vegetable oil, Potassium bromate, Azodicarbonamide, Propyl Gallate, Propylene Glycol, Acrylamide, Pyridine, Phosphoric Acid, and such scary acronyms as BHA, BHT, and TBHQ.

The second section addresses specifically cooking oils and lists ingredients like Trans Fat, Ammonium Sulfate, Sodium Benzoate, and Sulfur Dioxide. These ingredients are found in processed foods, sodas, pickles, and even certain dips. They're also found in non-food items, including creams, lotions, and toothpaste.

This category is so important to avoid but can be more challenging because they are in so many prepared foods.

For that reason, Alayon recommends reading every label and choosing products that do not list the many harmful ingredients he calls out in this section. By avoiding these hidden toxins, you will also avoid side effects like liver damage, dizziness, and even certain developmental disorders in kids.

Bonus #5 – The Truth About Water

toxic food ingredientsThis section begins by telling you how fluoride got added to our water supply in 1945. Although our water might be considered clean, it's hidden ingredients compromise its healthiness.

The United States has the highest amount of water fluoridation in the world!

This pollution of fluoride in the water system can contribute to such health problems as lowered IQ, dementia, arthritis, bone fractures, and lowered thyroid function.

We are already exposed to high levels of fluoride through our toothpaste and dental procedures, but every day we consume fluorinated water we consume that much more.

In order to reduce the amount of fluoride you are exposed to each year, you can consider having your own vegetable garden and watering it with rainwater. This will put some control over your food sources. You can also avoid certain foods that are exposed to very high levels of fluoride.

Bonus #6 – The Truth About Food Labels

toxic food ingredientsFinally, Alayon dispels a number of myths surrounding food labels. These labels include such titles as “natural”, “fresh”, “made with -“, “contains -“, “healthy”, and “organic”.

As a marketing ploy, these labels are often placed on food packaging. They are, however, very deceptive labels. For example, meats can be labeled “fresh” and still treated by artificial hormones.

We tend to believe foods labeled as such come straight from the farm. In reality, “fresh” means the produce has never been frozen. These kinds of labels are found on every kind of food product, including beverages and even some medicines and supplements.

They can be difficult to avoid, but knowing what you're looking for can help you avoid more hidden and harmful ingredients. When it comes to “organic” labels, verifying that a label is USDA certified organic means that food at least follows USDA's standards for such classification.


101 Toxic Food Ingredients is the perfect resource if you want to avoid toxic chemical additives in your diet. The FDA won't protect you, so be aware and protect yourself, especially if you're sensitive or you have sensitive kids.

The guides are succinct, colorful and easy to understand and will save you a great deal of time researching. In fact, if you were to research all the information given here, it would take you years. (And your precious time is irreplaceable unless you enjoy this sort of thing).

And the Toxi-fact App is like having a nutrition expert on hand. In fact, the Toxi-Fact App is how I discovered Yeast Extract is just another name for MSG.

You can go ahead and try the program and if you don't feel like the Toxi-Fact tool or the Truth About Ingredients material is a good health investment, then you can email them within 60 days for a money-back guarantee.

Get Educated and Healthy With 101 Toxic Food Ingredients


Get 101 Toxic Food Ingredients

Taxi-Fact Tool + the 7 Bonus Reports

only $17

You can download it immediately

Written by Jackie Parker


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  1. Page contained a lot of information at once. It was very informative and proved to be a good read to persons who were not previously aware of some information contained in this article.I for one learned a few stuff from here as well. One thing however is the chart with food processors in north america was kind of small so it was a bit difficult to read it. All in all it was a good read

    • Thank you. I’m going to see what I can do about that because it’s a very interesting chart. Thanks for the post idea. 🙂

  2. OMG I like your site! It is simple , but not too simple. It is very informative. I love the way you invited other writers who are interested in your niche to share your journey if they are interested. I enjoyed your content on your home page. The chart for me though was a little overwhelming. Is there anyway that you can have the chart explained on a different page using the picture as a link? I like your side advertising that are relevant to your site. Great job! It’s a unique and interesting niche.

  3. We only get one body so this really struck a chord with me. I feel like I know a lot of this information already, however this product is surprisingly affordable considering all the components of it and their is no way to know it all! This will be a great resource for me and my family for the next several years. Thank you so much for this review! I would have never known about this product otherwise!

  4. Jackie, your page is amazing source of information! I knew that the new age organic food is more for those who produce it than for those who buy it since suddenly there is every type of food to be organic. It’s a little bit tricky but ok. Yes, for instance, a yogurt is organic but full of sugar.. 🙁
    Like you mentioned above, we were using a sweetener for a long time not knowing that was not healthy at all.
    And for everything else. I completely agree. Thanks for putting all of those together.


  5. Hi Jackie
    I enjoyed reading that interesting post.
    I do try and eat healthy, but as is the case with your post every so often new information comes to light that requires change.
    Recently I learned that cooking with Avocado oil is much healthier than olive oil.
    The point is educating oneself is key.
    Thanks for a well composed article

    • Hi Keith, Ideas are always changing about what’s good for us and what’s not. I just try to avoid prepackaged processed for as much as possible. I LOVE Avo oil too!

  6. Hello Jackie,

    I am a nutritionist and I have to agree with you. This blog is an eye opener to all people out there. Big companies will lead us into deceptions and not all organic are all healthy! Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food



  7. Very informative and very interesting. I try to eat as much “natural” food as I can. I don’t buy packaged or canned foods unless absolutely necessary. There are so many toxins and bad things in processed foods, people just don’t realize it. I think that is why so many people get Cancer these days. Pretty scary!

  8. This is a lot of info! As someone that watches food documentaries and keeps up with current food trends I was even surprised by some of the things mentioned in your post. Yeast extract=MSG???!! AAAAH!
    General Mills bought my Lara Bars!!! Aaaaaaggghh!!!
    It is unbelievable how few corporations there are..and how they DOMINATE our food supply. I’m definitely going to check out Mr. Alayons website because this collection of useful info is jaw dropping. Thanks for the review!

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