Ayurvedic Tips on How To Start a Weight Loss Program and Be Successful

5 Steps To Help You Succeed

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In the past, whenever I told myself I'm on a weight-loss diet, all I thought about was food and hunger, and getting into the ‘right' headspace delayed me from taking action. Knowing how to start a weight loss program is often half the battle. You may feel so overwhelmed that you don't know what to do first.

Here are 5 steps to begin a weight loss program that can help you be successful.

How To Start a Weight Loss Program

1. Get to Know Yourself

The first thing to know is that you have a particular body type. Notice that your body has a unique form and structure and it looks and is shaped differently than others.

In Ayurveda, the three body types are known as Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Knowing your body type will help you maximize your quality of life, health, and happiness.

how to start a weight loss program
Kapha type – Pitta type – Vata type

Vata types have a light bone structure and can have difficulty putting on weight.

Pitta types have a medium physique. They tend to have a large appetite and can easily become irritated if their meals are delayed.

Kapha types have a solid, strong body build with prominent muscles. They have a tendency towards overweight.

Knowing your body type will give you all the information you'll need for finding and maintaining a healthy weight for you.

Additionally, what sort of learner are you? Are you visual, auditory, or kinesthetic?

It's important to know this so you can support yourself. Successful dieting is not just about what goes into your mouth; It is about how you best learn and what goes on in your head.

Vata's are typically auditory and learn best through sound. They can more easily motivate themselves by listening to a short motivational talk or create one for themselves and listen to it regularly.

Pitta types learn best visually and can support themselves by writing notes for themselves on the bathroom mirror or a whiteboard marker.

Kapha types are more kinesthetic and learn through touch and movement. They can motivate themselves by plating their food beautifully and rewarding themselves with a long walk.

2. Realize There are No Quick Fixes

Realize there are no quick fixes. Your body is a beautiful vessel designed brilliantly. If you feed it what it needs, it will respond with health.

If you suddenly change your daily eating habits and start starving yourself, it will kick into survival mode and conserve fat.

We all started out with perfect little bodies and slowly we added toxic junk foods, synthetic colorants, and preservatives. Embrace the fact that you now know better. You can use available resources to educate yourself about what's in good food and is recognizable to your body's digestive tract and what is not.

You can change the way you eat; you can change the amount you eat. Most of all you can change the way you think. Think healthy, kind, mindful thoughts about the wonderful way you feel when you are consciously eating correctly for your body type.

3. Know Your Why & Track Your Progress

how to start a weight loss program

There must be a reason you decided you're ready to lose weight and it's almost always an emotional one. Maybe you want to look good for your partner… Maybe you can't move as easily as you use to… Or maybe you realize your health is on the line and you want to live longer with a better quality of life.

Whatever it may be, your job is to discover what it is and write it down in your journal. This may seem insignificant… but it's the MOST important one.

During times when you're feeling down and the results are not coming fast enough, you will be able to look at your ‘why' and keep going. The juice must be worth the squeeze and if your why is strong enough… you will stay the course.

Another important step is tracking your progress. Weigh yourself on a scale and write down your weight. You should also take photos of yourself before embarking on a weight loss program. Use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your arms, thighs, waist, etc.,

This information will be very useful in tracking your progress. Sometimes the numbers on the scale may not tell the truth because while you may have lost fat, your body may have gained muscle. In times like these, the photos you take will serve as a good indicator of your progress.

4. Lose the Guilt

how too start a weight loss program
Start each day with self-love. Affirm to yourself that you are doing the best you can and give yourself a compliment or acknowledgment no matter what happened yesterday.

If you fall off the path once in a while, it's okay, you're human. Guilty feelings are destructive and negatively influence your mind. The moment you feel guilt, talk to yourself using positive affirmation and move on.

If you need to reward yourself with a cheat day, there is no need to cheat all day long. A tiny taste of your favorite thing is all you may need to satisfy that desire.

Be careful about calling it a craving. That is a powerful word. Use your mind to curb that thinking and be kinder to yourself. Tell yourself it is a treat or a reward and you enjoyed it.

Remember how in kindergarten you were perfectly delighted with the reward of a little golden star. That's all you needed then, and that is enough for now.

Start imagining how good it feels to be in your body and how easily you can move and bend. That is the ultimate goal you are going for. Incorporating mindfulness practices can also be beneficial; for more insights, explore Meditation and Weight Loss.

5. Cleaning Up Your Diet

Over 80% of your effort should be spent on watching your diet. You may want to plan for a healthy diet and eat clean food that has all the nutrients your body craves. Most people are overweight because of poor food choices.

This is why a good food journal can be helpful and can show you where you are slipping. Slowly and surely eliminate all these bad food choices and aim to eat clean.

Changing your eating habits is a necessary part of losing excess weight and keeping it off.

The healthier you get, the more you will want to steer clear of processed foods. The healthier you get, the more motivated you will be to stay in that lane.  You'll know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you feel so much better when you greatly reduce these types of foods in your diet.

You can learn more Ayurvedic diet tips to Lose Weight here.


  • Be realistic
  • Set small achievable goals
  • Praise and love yourself regularly
  • Enjoy the challenge
  • You can do it

Use these 5 steps and your weight loss program has a much better chance of being successful.

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