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What Is Holistic Weight Loss About?

5 Healthy Methods for Lasting Weight Loss – Addressing The Whole Person To Greatly Boost Success

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Losing weight can be a struggle. There are so many different diet plans and diet programs out there and it can be confusing to know which one is best for you. And in the end, most people don't find success with whatever the latest fad diet is. In my experience, this is because the diet plan does not address their whole person.

What is holistic weight loss? Keep reading because the answer to yo-yo dieting is right here.

Restricting Calories Doesn't Work Long Term

what is holistic weight loss

Have you ever been in a yo-yo diet struggle? This is where you work hard to restrict calories, but soon lose your willpower and fall off the weight loss bandwagon?

Before long, the weight loss program is out the window. You're right back where you started, and maybe you gain even more weight than before you started? Then a few months later, you start another diet, and the merry-go-round begins again.

If you recognize yourself in this scenario, you are not alone. Many people address semi-starvation as a way to lose weight and fail in the end. Yo-yo dieting is not only not helping you lose weight, but it can also be harmful to your body.

While you restrict calories, it's difficult to get adequate nutrients into your body. You can suffer from a deficiency in vitamins, essential fatty acids, protein, and essential minerals. Diseases like osteoporosis stem from a lack of adequate calcium and vitamin D absorption.

What is Holistic Weight Loss?

what is holistic weight loss

Fortunately, there is a better way to deal with weight loss that addresses who you are as a whole person. This involves using a holistic approach to losing weight.

Holistic weight loss approaches the underlying issues behind your inability to maintain a healthy weight. It can help you begin to lose weight in a healthier fashion. This eliminates yo-yo dieting and sets you on a path toward your permanent optimal weight.

A holistic approach to losing weight addresses the person as a whole being. It considers the underlying cause of obesity rather than just focusing on your weight loss. When this happens, you can reach a long-term and meaningful way of losing weight.

Other weight loss programs fail because they just focus on restricting calories. From a holistic perspective, the cause of weight gain begins with the wrong choices in diet and lifestyle that weaken the digestive fire. Often wrong choices and your triggers to overeating are interconnected.

Addressing The Whole Person and Individual Vulnerabilities

Why practice holistic weight loss?

Holistic weight loss recognizes that overweight and obesity are complex. It's much more than simply eating too much or a lack of motivation or self-control.

Unlike, other methods that put you on a diet and tell you to get a gym membership, holistic medicine, looks at the underlying behaviors, emotions, and the thought process that resulted in you being obese.

It addresses all aspects of you as a person that lead to this dysfunctional aspect of your wellbeing.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • Why do you overeat and eat more food than you should?
  • How can you approach eating more healthily?
  • Why don’t you exercise in the adequate amounts?
  • How can you improve your exercise plan to incorporate more and healthier exercises?
  • What are the various factors, including physical factors, social factors, and psychological factors, getting in the way or exercising and eating properly?
  • What are your triggers to overeating?
  • How can you stay on a healthy diet and avoid eating the wrong foods?
  • What is your relationship with food?
  • How do you deal with stress?
  • How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel worthy of a healthier lifestyle?

When you uncover the answers to the above questions, you'll be on course to achieving a healthy weight.

A holistic approach attempts to uncover the issues in your life that contribute to your weight problems. Things like relationships, stress, and other medical conditions can contribute to weight gain.

This holistic approach is key to your sustained weight loss.

A Holistic Approach To Conquer Overeating

what is holistic weight loss

People overeat for a variety of reasons. Often there are triggers to overeating.

A trigger might be to walk by a doughnut shop, smelling the freshly baked and fried doughnuts. There also might be social triggers to eat when others are eating around you.

You might eat when you’re lonely as a way of cheering yourself up. Or you may feel depressed and maybe using food to make you feel better.

Another common trigger is to use food as a way to reward yourself for doing something good.

Finding these triggers takes some personal investigation on your part.

When you are overeating, think about the feelings you are experiencing before and after eating.

Is stress behind your weight gain?

Is it a lack of knowledge about how to eat healthily?

Is self-sabotage an issue you need to deal with?

Are you armoring yourself as a way to avoid intimacy?

Perhaps you rely on food to ease sadness, loneliness, or other painful emotions?

Think about the triggers that contribute to your overeating. What causes you to eat too much or eat the wrong foods?

8 Holistic Approaches For Weight Loss

Here are some holistic methods for weight loss. Remember, diet alone is not enough to sustain long-lasting results. You don't want another fad diet; you want a lifestyle change. For lifelong optimal body weight, a holistic lifestyle approach will deliver optimal results.

1. Ayurveda

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Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that's been around for thousands of years. It's based on the laws of nature and is one of the most potent and sophisticated health systems for the body, mind, and soul.

It is much more than a method to treat sickness; it is the science of life. Ayur means life, and Veda translates to knowledge. Ayurveda provides the knowledge on how to stay healthy so you can realize your full potential.

what is holistic weight lossThree guiding principles are:

  • Your body and mind are intimately connected
  • Nothing has a stronger ability to transform and heal your body than your mind
  • The Best Diet is not a Diet…It's a Way of Life

Ayurveda is so effective because it's not just a weight loss system…it's a different way to look at life. If you want to reach and stay at your optimal size and weight, your diet has to be a lifestyle, not a fad. Because diets don't work, at least not long term. They don't work because the weight won't stay off permanently. As soon as you resume life as usual, the pounds come right back, and you often gain back the weight plus more.

Chief Concept of Ayurveda for Weight Loss

Perhaps the most significant difference between Ayurvedic techniques for weight loss and fad diets is the importance of the digestion.

When your digestion is not strong enough to completely digest the food, the result is Ama. Translated as “undigested,” Ama is a toxic byproduct of undigested food in the body. It is created as a result of a low digestive fire.

When food is not digested completely because the digestive fire is weak, the result is toxins. When you have toxins, various symptoms arise, like:

  • Heaviness (especially in the belly)
  • Brain fog
  • Lethargy
  • No passion for life
  • Coated tongue
  • Foul smelling stool and/or breath
  • Waking up tired

Many toxins are water-soluble and easy to purge through diet and exercise. But, the rest are fat-soluble and deeply ingrained in your body. When these cells accumulate and expand, the result is weight-gain that is difficult to remove using just diet and exercise. Ayurvedic weight loss techniques aim to remove ama and shrink your fat cells.

An Ayurvedic diet plan is something that you can maintain throughout your life. Unlike fad diets, it will ensure you keep excess pounds off for life.

2. Practice Self Love by Sending Positive Messages To Yourself

what is holistic weight loss

When you use food as a way to soothe yourself, it will eventually become your enemy.

People with parents that used food as a way to control them or discipline them, or redirect their behavior are at a higher risk of over-eating and becoming obese as an adult.

These people especially, need a holistic approach to losing weight!

One way to break the pattern of overeating is to give yourself positive messages. Telling yourself these types of this will reinforce positive patterns of eating.

“I am in charge of my health.”
“It's my responsibility to take care of my body.”
“This is more food than I need.”
“I can control my portions.”
“I will eat when I'm hungry, not when I'm feeling emotional.”

Then after you've had some successes, tell yourself…
“Being healthy is great.”
“Proud of myself for eating healthy foods and not overeating today.”

These types of things will help you to reframe your relationship with food. Then you think and perceive of yourself differently—as a responsible person eating food for the right reason. Your self-image and health have improved.

Positive messages can work with exercising too.

Say to yourself “I am strong and exercise will help me.” Or phrases like “I feel good after I have exercised” and “I am proud of myself for exercising for thirty minutes today.” These will make exercising easier, and you will be more likely to do it on a daily or near-daily basis.

3. Meditation

Weight issues get blamed on lack of exercise, genetics, stress, and over-eating. But your programming begins in the mind. It's your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs that are the most critical factors causing poor eating habits.

Meditation can help with weight loss. It can help you to be more mindful of the thoughts and emotions you hadn't noticed in the past. It can help you get in touch with and release old mental and emotional patterns that get in the way of self-care.

You can address the underlying causes of eating too much in meditation. Meditation can help you learn ways they use food to cope with negative emotions. If you overeat, meditation will help you eat only when you feel hungry, and stop eating when you feel full.

In meditation, you sit or lie in a comfortable position. You usually close your eyes and focus on the in and out of your breath as you begin to relax your muscles from your head to your toes.

You can also say a syllable or mantra to deepen the state of relaxation.

Then you let your mind remain in the present moment in a state known as “mindfulness.” Do this for several minutes until you feel relaxed. Then tell yourself that you do not need to focus on past traumas. Affirm that you have the power to stay in the present, eating less and exercising more.

4. Yoga

what is holistic weight loss

Yoga is a centuries-old practice that is part meditation and part exercise. Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences. (Ayurveda is the healing side of yoga. Yoga is the spiritual side of Ayurveda.)

Yoga will not only improve your balance and flexibility, but it can improve your mind and body connection so that you can begin to eat better.

The Mind-Body Connection

Yoga, unlike other workouts, includes breathing as a focal point. It involves doing several different poses in tune to breathing exercises.

This focus makes you pay better attention to your body, and that includes what you eat. In general, it will give you a high level of body awareness.

But the mind is what controls everything you do, and yoga can help to change negative behaviors.

It can help you decipher boredom from real hunger, stop or reduce emotional and binge eating. Yoga makes you pay attention and think in a whole new way.

Also, yoga promotes relaxation and greatly decreases stress and anxiety. This means it can go a long way to curb overeating and emotional eating.

It can be one of the forms of exercise you do as part of a weight loss program and can help you learn to eat less because you are more in tune with your body.

Online Yoga for Weight Loss

5. Guided Imagery For Weight Loss

what is holistic weight loss

Guided imagery is a type of meditation that imprints your subconscious mind. Your subconscious holds your body image, and it is so strong that it affects the shape and size of our outward body. If you want to gain control of your weight permanently, it's important that you change your body image.

Guided imagery for weight loss often includes hypnotic imagery for changing negative attitudes, targeting shame, and critical self-talk. The place you choose in meditation can be anywhere, but most people prefer beaches, mountaintops, forests, or meadows to imagine.

You use guided imagery to see, hear, and smell everything just as you are aiming to create it in the place you have chosen. In meditation, you imagine your body to be healthier, thinner.

This practice relaxes you and gets you more in touch with your body so that you eat less after practicing this technique.

Journaling And Self-Monitoring

You can also keep a journal of your meditations, thoughts, and successes. Use your journal to reflect on the various emotions you're feeling and what drives you to eat, as well as the outcome you're aiming for. Journaling can reinforce positive behavior so that you can look back on where you once were and reflect on the positive path you are on now.

Effortless Weight Loss

what is holistic weight loss

If you want to find and stay at your optimal weight, forget the fad diets. If you are ready for a more permanent approach to weight loss, one that feels healthy, a holistic system like Ayurveda can help you keep the weight off permanently, so you never have to diet again.

When you lose weight with Ayurveda, the weight stays off permanently as long as you're following a lifestyle in tune with the laws of nature.

If one way is true, it is the way of Nature. Nature bows at no alter and seeks neither praise nor applause. She only asks for a hearing, my friends.

Ayurveda is a Permanent Solution

Ayurveda delivers you to a place where your system is more in harmony with nature. It focuses your mind, body, and spirit on their connectivity. It's not rigid, forceful or dogmatic. Instead is forgiving, fluid and holistic.

If you want to lose weight, there are thousands of weight loss programs on the market for you to review.

BUT, if you want to lose weight permanently, Effortless Weight Loss will deliver because it focuses on the transformation of consciousness. I use the word transformation because that means you are not going back to your old self.

The ultimate goal of the 21 – Day Effortless Weight Loss program is to give you clear strategies for making lifestyle changes to keep you at your optimal weight for the rest of your life, so you never have to diet again. You solve your weight loss problem, but inevitably, you heal your life.

Effortless Weight Loss is not another diet that restricts your calories or has a “do not eat” column to abide by. Rather it teaches you how to live in harmony with the laws of nature. It is here you will find optimal weight and health.

If you have been unable to lose and keep weight off permanently, you owe it to yourself to look at Effortless Weight Loss.

Lose Weight Permanently With Ayurvedic Weight Loss

Next, take a second to tell me about your biggest weight-loss struggle in the comment section below. I love hearing from you and I can support you better if you reach out.

what is holistic weight loss

You can read our review on the Effortless Weight Loss program here.
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