Ideas For Mother’s Day Gifts

Healthy Gift Basket Ideas for Your Mom, Sister, Daughter or Friend

ideas for mother's day gifts

Finding good ideas for mother's day gifts can be difficult if your Mother isn't interested in mainstream chocolate and perfume.

Luckily, there are other special Mother's Day gift ideas that you can give. One brilliant idea is to put together a gift basket for your mom, sister, daughter, or friend… or even a birthday!

While there are various gift basket themes, from wine and cheese to gardening, nothing says “I love and care about you” more than a healthy gift basket.

As you know, it's common for women to take care of everybody else with little time to do something health-giving for themselves.

This Mother's Day show your Mom you care about her health with these 10 inspired gift basket ideas. You won't waste money on premade gift baskets with items she will never use anymore!

Why Give a Gift Basket?

There are lots of reasons why healthy gift baskets can be better than an individual gift on any occasion including Mother's Day.

They are customizable

The great thing about gift baskets is that you can choose the basket itself, plus every single gift that goes inside. This makes them entirely customizable. Are you looking for baskets for giftΒ giving to fill? You'll discover lots of ideas here.

You have control over who much money you spend

Gift baskets are an excellent option regardless of how much your budget is. If your budget is tight, choose a smaller sized basket and select items that are more affordable for you. If you have more money to spend, splurge on larger-ticket items and tuck a couple of gift-certificates inside.

Either way, your mom is going to love and appreciate the thought and care you put into it.

I guarantee your mom will appreciate the extra effort

What your mom wants most is to spend time with you and know you love and care. This is especially true on Mother's Day, and what this gift basket will do for her.

By personalizing and choosing each item carefully, it will be obvious how much extra effort you put into this type of gift.

Gift baskets can be enjoyable to put together

As an added benefit, gift baskets can be a ton of fun for you to put together! Get together with siblings or kids and make it really special for your mom.

Healthy Ideas For Mother's Day Gifts

ideas for mother's day gifts

#1 DIY Soothing Bath Salts and Lotion Basket

Mother's who are conscious about artificial ingredients often miss out on pampering products. Giving her an all-natural bath salt and lotion basket will provide her with the occasion to make her own.

This is a gift basket any woman would appreciate, especially if she likes essential oils and baths.

This basket should contain the ingredients to make a soothing shea butter lotion and bath salts. The essential components include Epsom salts, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and an assortment of essential oils.

Choose the best essential oils for relaxation like Lavender, Chamomile, and Rose. You can include a recipe and a wide mouth Mason jar to store the final product. This is an easy and very thoughtful present.

If you wish to add more to this basket, include things like a diffuser, or beautiful carrier oil. You can get as creative with this gift basket as you like.

#2 Day of Pampering Basket


What woman doesn't enjoy a day of me-time? A day of pampering could be a small or large basket, depending on what you include. This basket could include a candle, a light summer bathrobe, and slippers. You could also include a dry skin brush, essential oils or a clay mask for a facial.

ideas for mother's day gifts

Or how about adding a gift card for a spa day? Pampering is a universal favorite for any mother. So, give her a SpaFinder gift card. It has endless spa & salon options good at thousands of locations. Then let her decide what she would enjoy most.

#3 Kombucha Brewing Basket

For something unique and special, consider putting together a Kombucha brewing basket. Kombucha is a phenomenon worldwide because not only is it delicious but it is also loaded with nutrition and probiotics.

For this basket, you can piece together everything she needs, or you can buy a ready-made kit online. Kombucha brewing could be the beginning of an affordable healthy hobby that's sustainable and fun.

To brew Kombucha, she will need: 1-5 gallon brewing jar – Organic cotton dishcloth and rubber band – Β thermometer – Starter tea and white sugar – a SCOBY. Make sure to include a few recipes for some fun flavors she will enjoy.

#4 Fitness Gear Basket

Who doesn't appreciate new exercise wear? Nothing beats getting new workout leggings or running socks. If your mom not only cares about her health but is also into activity, this is the perfect gift basket for her. You are blending something she loves with something practical and useful for her.

Have fun choosing new spring athletic wear and finish it with a gym bag or a yoga mat. Add a glass or stainless steel water bottle, some hair ties, headbands or maybe a new hat? You can upgrade it with high-end clothes or perhaps even new running shoes.

To dial in on the exercise theme, think about putting all the goodies into a yoga or gym bag, instead of a basket, which is a lot more creative and fun.

#5. Natural Health Reference Books


If your mom is health conscious, she's most likely enjoys learning. So, help her build her library with a book about herbal remedies, essential oils or how about The Encyclopedia of Natural Healing?

To take it up a notch, add a few basic essential oils like lavender, lemon and tea tree oil to start or add to her collection? You can add to this health-related book basket a reading light, some herbal tea, candles, and even a soft blanket.

Think about how your mom likes to read for more inspiration or what to include.

#6 The Healing Tea Basket

Another fun basket to give your health-conscious mom is a healing herbal tea basket. You can choose loose herbal teas, or there are many pre-made gift baskets to choose.

To this add a book on learning to blend herb teas for seasonal health and common ailments. Include a few teacups or mugs.

Or how about a travel tea thermos or tumbler? If she's also a cat lover, she will adore this Cute Cat Infuser Tea Mug. (we did!:)) Or how about a Matcha Green Tea set for mom's who love Macha Latte Green Tea?

#7 The Beach Bundle

Mother's day means summer is right around the corner. This means it's an excellent time to start preparing for trips to the beach. For one thing, health-conscious moms tend to spend more time outdoors under the sun.

For this one, you can use a traditional basket, but why not have some fun and use a tote bag, beach bag, or even an ice chest when putting it together? Here are some ideas for things to include in a beach gift basket:

Beach Tote – Towel – Blanket – Water bottle – Sunblock or aftersun lotion – Sunglasses – Strawhat – Sun protective cover-up – Ice pack and Coolers

You can even use the beach tote as the basket for all the other beach-related goodies. You have a lot of options for this one so be creative!

#8 Essential Oil Jewelry & Accessories

Do you have a mom who loves to use essential oils every day? Essential oils have healing properties and fantastic benefits. They provide relaxation, balance her doshas, help with skincare, anxiety relief, and more. So why not give her an aromatherapy gift basket?

Foundational to your basket is an assortment of essential oils. Ideas for this basket include a diffuser, aromatherapy candles, an essential oil car diffuser, or storage box. Another idea is to include an essential oil locket necklace or bracelet.

#9 Gardening Gift Basket

Any mom interested in holistic health is sure to appreciate growing her own herbs and vegetables. The wonderful this about this type of basket is how it expresses a sense of renewal. It is the gift that flourishes long after Mother's day.

Consider a basket for collecting the harvest for this one. Add gardening gloves, apron, potting mix, seed packets, a trowel, or other gardening accessories. A home gardener will also love receiving fresh herbs. Or how about an Indoor windowsill Herbal Garden Kit?

#10 Memory Basket

Moms always appreciate pictures of their children or family. Give her an exclusive photo inside a new frame. Or a photo album, scrapbook, a new journal, and pen. You can even give her a gift certificate to Shutterfly so she can order recent photos.

This type of basket is excellent for health-conscious moms who appreciate a beautiful keepsake assembled by their child. No matter how old you are, you can turn this into a special gift.

ideas for mother's day gifts
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Written by Jackie Parker


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  1. Thank you for the wonderful healthy gift basket ideas. I was struggling to come up with an idea of what to get my sister for Mother’s Day this year and your article has some great recommendations. I especially like the essential oil gift basket idea and will look more into the items you suggested for the basket. I’ve never tried an essential oil locket or bracelet; does the scent tend to dissipate quickly or does it hang around awhile?

    • So pleased you found a few ideas for your sister Allison! Every year I struggle too! Which is why I decided to put some time towards researching this year! πŸ™‚ To answer your question about the e.o. jewelry… My experience is approximately a few hours. I keep my bottle in my purse and refill when necessary. This is especially helpful when traveling. xo Take care

  2. Hi Jackie,

    Great article!

    I was looking around the net for a gift for my mother, and I am so happy I found your article! Since my mother practice walking exercises, I will choose the fitness gear basket. I am sure she will love it!
    Just a question, please. Is it possible to change the basket if she doesn’t like it, which I doubt, but we never know:)

    Thank you for the excellent post!

  3. Whenever mothering Sunday comes around, I’m always on the lookout for something unique, but generally end up buying my mom flowers lol. But at least she loves them. πŸ™‚

    You’ve certainly inspired me with a heap of great ideas here, especially the first idea on bath salts because I know she likes her smellies (particularly bath bombs).

    I do also like the sound of being able to customize baskets and choose my own budget because I have come across a number of ready-made gift baskets that are expensive.

    I live in the UK, and our mother’s day has recently gone. But at least it gives me plenty of time to plan a basket of smellies for the next special day.


    • So sweet to read that you honor your mom Neil! I hope you put some new ideas into next year to surprise her! Thanks for taking the time to connect! πŸ™‚

  4. These are really great out-of-the-box gift ideas for mother’s day! I can’t decide which one to choose, perhaps I will give more than one! With mother’s day around the corner, you have made it very easy, it’s always a struggle because you want to show that you care and not just be generic, so thank you! I’m leaning towards a day of pampering basket and the healing tea basket:)

  5. Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for many ideas on Mother’s Day gift! My mother lives far so I normally just send the flower with some sweets, but sometimes I get to see her on the Mother’s Day. I will use your tips when it comes.

    Do you think we should still add flowers, or the basket gift alone would be good enough?

    • Hi Kyoko! Good enough? I’m sure you’re mom will enjoy whatever comes from your heart. You get to decide. πŸ™‚

  6. Essential oils became a big part of my life. I always appreciate when people share useful ideas with creative gifts. Can I pin this post on my Pinterest board!? My followers will love it.

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