Best Essential Oil for Anxiety

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best essential oil for anxiety

But before we begin, if you are new to aromatherapy or essential oils, be sure to check out our Essential Oils Guide to health and non-toxic living.

Essential Oils Guide to Health and Non-Toxic Living – In this essential oils guide, we share how to use essential oils for health and non-toxic living. We'll also explore some of the most common questions people have.

What is Anxiety?

You can define anxiety by constant exaggerated, worrisome thoughts and tension. For example, symptoms of fatigue, trembling, insomnia, muscle tension, headache or nausea are common. Other symptoms include feelings of doom and hyperventilation.

Why Essential Oils Work for Anxiety

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts. And treating anxiety with these extracts can get you speedy results.
When you inhale aromatic oils, they pass the olfactory bulb, which leads directly to the limbic center of the brain. In fact, the olfactory nerve is the only nerve in the body that directly connects the external environment and goes all the way to the brain.
Researchers and experts believe our “smell” receptors communicate with the amygdala and hippocampus. When you breathe in essential oils, their molecules stimulate these parts of your brain and influence health and well-being. For example, scientists believe lavender stimulates the activity in the amygdala like the way some sedative medications work.
Our sense of smell is about ten thousand times stronger than other senses. Depending upon which essential oil you are inhaling, you may feel a quick release of mental strain or negative emotions.

best essential oils for women

Ways to Use Essential Oils for Anxiety

There are many methods of using essential oils for anxiety. While you can inhale oils from your palms or the bottle, you can also place a few drops on a cotton ball and hold below your nose.
Here are some other ways to use essential oils for treating anxiety:
  • Massage Blend – Mix the essential oil with an unscented carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil and give yourself an abhyanga.
  • Aromatic Bath – Immerse yourself in a bath for 15-20 minutes. The number of drops of essential oil to place into a bath will depend on the oil you're using. On average use, 5-10 drops along with 1 -3 cups Epsom sea salt will be okay.
  • Compress – Fill the sink or large bowl with 1 liter of hot or cold water (as desired). Put 5-10 drops of selected essential oil into the water. Place cotton or flannel cloth in water and swish around the water. Wring out the cloth to the desired amount of moisture and place on forehead.
  • Spritzer – A spritzer is a combination of essential oils and water. In general, spritzers are useful for a room air freshener, body sprays, to soothe emotional states. Use 2-4 ounce glass bottle of spring or distilled water with atomizer spray top. Add 15-30 drops of chosen essential oil or a synergy of oils and then shake.
  • Diffusion – There are different methods to diffuse essential oils into the air. For instance, there are nebulizing diffusers, evaporative diffusers, heat or candle diffusers. Different machines have various delivery methods.

Best Essential Oils for Anxiety + 4 Runner-ups

Before I tell you the best essential oil for anxiety, let's start with 4 other great essential oils to calm your nervous system.

1. Roman Chamomile

Best essential oil for anxiety
Roman Chamomile

I like chamomile because it's one of the gentlest, most soothing essential oils. Also, it's useful in fighting depression and raising spirits.

You will feel your body and mind start to relax when you take it in. Roman Chamomile has somewhat fresh herbal, fruity-warm, tealeaf smell.
But you should be aware, if you have allergies, don't use Chamomile. People are more likely to experience allergic reactions to chamomile if they're allergic to related plants like ragweed, daisies or marigolds.

2. Clary Sage

Best essential oil for anxiety
Clary Sage

Romans believed Clary Sage was a cure-all. The Latin name means “to save.” Clary Sage is a highly potent sedative that has euphoric effects. It can give you a sense of well-being and promotes feelings of relaxation. For this reason, Clary Sage was once in German beer and wine.

The oil of Clary Sage is a warming oil that smells sweet and herbaceous

3. Rose

best essential oil for anxiety
Rose Absolute – Bulgaria

The most significant value of the scent of a rose lies in its emotional benefits. Above all, Rose is immediately relaxing and uplifting. It gives a sense of security and spiritual attunement and keeps your heart open, so you feel connected to the world around you.

Roses have a warm, deep floral, slightly spicy and immensely rich floral rose-odor.

4. Ylang ylang

best essential oil for anxiety
Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang has a variety of properties that make it especially useful for relieving stress. It's an antidepressant, nervine and sedative. This means it eliminates anxiety, depression, nervous breakdown, fear, and sadness.

The scent of Ylang ylang has a calming, soothing, floral aroma that brings out warmth, self-confidence, the feminine side, and sensitivity.

Now… The Best Essential Oil for Anxiety

Although Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Rose and Ylang ylang are an effective way to calm anxiety… There is one oil that I believe is the best essential oil for anxiety, and that is Lavender.

best essential oils for womenBest essential oils for women


best essential oil for anxiety
Kashmir Lavender

Lavender is the most valuable oil to have in your home first-aid arsenal. There's nothing quite like it for anxiety, and it's good for almost any imbalance. In fact, Author Susanne Fischer-Rizza writes that besides calming anxiety, lavender has 167 tested medicinal uses.

If you are tired and stressed out, Lavender will relax you.
Or if you are depressed or have anxiety, it will uplift you.
And finally, if you are angry, it will calm you.

“Lavender oil is useful for the management of anxiety and depression and small in controlled and uncontrolled clinical trials.

It has a delicious, sweet-herbaceous, floral odor, with woody-herby sweet undertones.

Where to Buy Essential Oils

When using essential oils for anxiety, it's essential that you choose a 100% pure essential oil, free from fillers and additives.

I've used a lot of different oils, and still recommend Jade Bloom for their high quality, comprehensive selection, excellent customer service and low prices. PLUS, they also offer FREE RETURNS & FULL REFUND guarantee. Jade Bloom is not an MLM company so they can keep their quality high and the cost low.

You can purchase a bottle of each oil by clicking on the images above or visit Jade Bloom now.

Next Step

When you have anxiety, your body reveals specific physical and mental symptoms that can significantly influence your quality of life. Chronic stress can build up until it becomes overwhelming and creates a health issue… Which is why it's essential to have an efficient way to calm yourself.

Essential oils are an efficient way to calm anxiety!

Absorbing Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Lavender support relaxation and have a calming effect on your body, mind, and spirit. Essential oils can change your thoughts and life.


Please don't hesitate to ask me questions in the comment area below. I'm here to help you out and I would love nothing more than for you to be the healthiest and happiest version of yourself possible. Let me know if you need anything and I'll be sure to get back within “hours” most of the time.

best essential oil for anxiety
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Written by Jackie Parker


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  1. Cool! I love home remedies for health problems. My son struggles with depression and maybe this might help him too. Diet is a major part of the solution, too. Thanks for the great website! I love all the information given here! I like that you show all the different ways to use the essential oils!

  2. Essential oils sure do sound amazing. The only thing that is off putting with them is that the good ones are costly. The only brand which I am familiar with is Doterra which is pretty pricey for something that is not considered a necessity.
    I have a look at the Jade Bloom ones.

    • Hi Hollie, DoTerra is an MLM company which means that every time they sell a bottle of oil they have to pay a downline, which is why they need to price them higher than necessary. Jade Bloom has high quality oils for a very fair price. Thanks for connecting.

  3. Essential oils can help kill bacteria and viruses, fight infection, relieve allergies and alleviate anxiety, stress, depression, fatigue and poor memory. I’m currently using Lavender Oil and feel so great, very satisfied! Highly recommend lavender oil!

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