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Holistic Nutrition Online Course Review

Discover The Healing Power of Foods With Todd Caldecott

holistic nutrition online course

Product: Holistic Nutrition Online Course – The Healing Power of Food

Official Website: The Ayurveda Experience

Guarantee: 100% money-back guarantee for a full 60 days

Holistic Nutrition Online Course is a 12-hour course that teaches how to use food as medicine to fight lifestyle diseases, lose weight, and boost immunity without going on a “diet”.

Here I'll tell you all about what's inside the Holistic Nutrition Course – The Healing Power of Food, and what to expect from the program.

Plus I'll share the pros and cons and finally how the program may help you heal your life. 

holistic nutrition online course
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Holistic Nutrition Online Course Review

Holistic nutrition is about much more than losing weight. The course focuses on using food as medicine so you don't develop common lifestyle diseases like obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and stroke. 


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The program, a little over 12 hours long, consists of 4 main parts:

 Module 1 – The Quality and Nature of Food

These modules explore each of the subjects below and are so rich with useful information and answer many questions.

Holistic Nutrition Online

Module 2 – The Preparation of Food

holistic nutrition online

Module 3 – Herbs and Spices

This module is all about Herbs and Spices and why they are the most powerful healing foods  

  • Herbs and spices from Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, American and Western herbal traditions
  • Learn the nature of the herbs and spices
  • Know the forms they should be consumed in
  • Tips to include them in your diet
  • The pathologies they heal

holistic nutrition online holistic nutrition onlineholistic nutrition online

4. Diet and Dietary Therapy

holistic nutrition online

The practical, easy-to-follow course covers an extensive amount of information including:

  •  What to prepare
  • The best way to store your food
  • The safest cookware
  • If your food is suitable for your specific needs
  • The truth behind “controversial” foods such as dairy, fats, and cereals
  • The eight Ayurvedic guidelines for a wholesome meal
  •  Calculating how many toxins are currently clogging your gut
  • How to use Ayurvedic methods to detox
  • How to incorporate over 60 healing spices and herbs into your diet
  • How to eat to heal
  • Water and its different sources (i.e. artesian wells, surface water, rain water, etc.)
  • Vegetables and their different kinds: starchy vs non-starchy
  • How to prepare vegetables
  • Fruits, their evolution, how to eat them, recommended fruits
  • The vilification of meat, metabolic benefits of meat, toxins in meat
  • How losing weight on a vegan diet does not equate to healing your body
  • How regular soda is actually better for you than diet soda

Holistic Nutrition covers a variety of health issues:

Todd carefully and gracefully explains these controversial subjects once and for all:

  • Is Splenda better than sugar?
  • Why do you still gain weight even if you are counting calories?
  • What can you eat to heal dosha imbalances and aggravated symptoms?
  • Should you stop eating carbs even if you do not have insulin resistance or celiac disease?
  • Is a vegan diet right for you?
  • What are the pros and cons of the different diets?
  • Which is healthier: raw or cooked carrots?
  • What are healthy alternatives to eat instead of potatoes?
  • Should you ferment foods at home?
  • How much fruit is okay to eat in a day?
  • Is it okay to include butter in your diet?
  • Is canola oil healthy? Or is it a junk food in disguise?


What Makes the Program Unique

The program takes a practical, thorough approach. It uses wisdom from Ayurveda as well as insights from Herbal and Chinese medicine. It is based on the latest research and dives deep into how the body functions. Todd explains simple ways to start healing your body at your very next meal.

PROS of the Ayurvedic Holistic Nutrition Courseholistic nutrition online

  • Even a person with substantial nutritional knowledge will learn new things
  • Helps you view food in an entirely brand new way
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Thorough, in-depth, clear explanations
  • Complicated concepts are easy to understand thanks to Todd's clear instruction
  • Simple, straightforward approach
  • Todd speaks clearly, thoughtfully, and skillfully
  • Occasional pictures and diagrams help keep the material fresh and interesting
  • Takes the anxiety out of preparing food and makes it exciting instead
  • Includes a helpful 170-page text companion. It includes visual depictions of the materials discussed
  • Eye-opening, surprising explanations regarding common nutritional beliefs

CONS of the Ayurvedic Holistic Nutrition Courseholistic nutrition online

  • The course is over 12 hours long and may seem overwhelming at first. The length of the course if justified by the wealth of information covered. Since it is broken down so well, it is easy to watch the course bit by bit or re-watch parts if necessary.
  • Applying the tips and practices will take discipline at first. With time, eating this way becomes easier and more automatic.
  • It takes consistent effort. This is not a one-time deal. These are practices and methods that need to be applied and followed for life.

About the Author

holistic nutrition online
Todd Caldecott is an herbal medicine specialist, a teacher, best-selling author, and an Ayurvedic practitioner. Tom has used his unique, interdisciplinary approach to help hundreds of people. For over 20 years, Todd has helped people manage their medical conditions using ancient wisdom.

Purchasing Holistic Nutrition


holistic nutrition online

As a bonus, you also get a 170-page Course Summary Book with the essentials of the course. 

You can use it to follow along or as a quick reference to review the foods, herbs, spices, and material discussed in the program. I used mine to jot down insights and new things I learned.

Final Thoughts

“You are what you eat” is a simple but very true phrase. The best healing therapy won't work if your nutrition is poor. Whether you just want to upgrade your eating habits or if you are a health professional wanting to know more about how you can heal with food and holistic nutrition, you'll find high-quality teaching and interactive learning to build your skills and confidence.

I've taken many nutritional courses and training and found Holistic Nutrition insightful in terms of understanding nutritional needs. It was simple, easy to understand, yet very informative.

Overall, I think Holistic Nutrition is excellent continuing personal or professional development tool because it helps you understand the effect of nutrition and how it affects your life.  The program is not rooted in dogma but is based on eating real food. I gained lots of tools I needed to facilitate lasting change in myself and others, and so will you!

I hope I've sufficiently covered everything you may want to know about the Holistic Nutrition online course, but promise me you won't hesitate to ask me questions if you have them in the comment area below. Thank you very much for reading my Holistic Nutrition Online Course review.

Written by Jackie Parker

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