Healthy Skin Care Tips: Easily Improve Your Skin and Hair With These Teas, Tonics and Superfoods

healthy skin care tips

You can easily improve the quality and health of both your skin and your hair! Everything you drink and apply to your hair and skin has the power to nourish both. You don’t need a medicine cabinet full of products—unless they have the ingredients you need, that is. More often than not, you can brew a tea or apply a tonic to enjoy out-of-this-world effects on your skin and hair. Let us introduce you to some healthy skin care tips using teas, tonics, and superfoods. In most cases, you can ingest these powerhouses or use them topically.

Healthy Skin Care Tips

Chamomile Craze

healthy skin care tips
Chamomile has a sedative effect on the nervous system to help you rest and repair skin tissue.

Chamomile tea is known for its soothing properties, but in addition to helping to calm stomachaches and help you relax before bed, it can also do wonders for your skin. The reason it’s so beneficial to your skin is that it helps you rest.

Sleep is essential for healthy skin because your skin rejuvenates and heals itself as you rest. If ever you find yourself unable to sleep, steep a bag of chamomile tea or loose chamomile leaves in milk, not water, and add a teaspoon of honey. You’ll drift off to dreamland in no time, giving your skin ample time to repair itself. Your hair will have time to rejuvenate and replenish, as well.

Green Tea Glow

healthy skin care tips
Green tea is full of helpful antioxidants and can fight off pesky free radicals while pushing against DNA damage. Thank all those amazing polyphenols and drink up.

It’s no surprise that green tea is a powerhouse source for glowing skin. Because green tea is full of helpful antioxidants, drinking it—or using it as a toner—can fight off pesky free radicals while pushing against DNA damage. Thank all those amazing polyphenols and drink up. Add a little lemon to enjoy the value of vitamin C, too.

Now, how about your hair? Green tea has you there, as well. Its antioxidants, not to mention its amino acids, enzymes, and vitamins do spectacular things for your hair. It’s particularly helpful for anyone who has a dry scalp or dandruff issues.

The Secret of Mint

Minty teas are ideal for your skin. We can break it down into two types of mint tea: peppermint and spearmint.

Peppermint is a magical fix for dehydrated skin. If your skin is thirsty, you can quench it with a peppermint tea. It doesn’t even have to be a hot cup. Try steeping a tea bag in a bottle of water that’s just about room temperature. That way you can drink it throughout the day. You may notice an improvement in skin allergies and other irritations, as well, thanks to how cooling it is. It can even improve oily skin. Go a step further and steep a few bags in your bathwater.

As far as your hair goes, peppermint can help your hair to remain thick and lush. It heals your scalp and nourishes its follicles. Drink it or apply it to your hair when you want to urge it to grow, too.

Spearmint tea has altogether different properties for your skin. Do you experience hormonal acne? Start sipping on spearmint tea. When used regularly, ingested, or topical, spearmint has anti-androgenic properties that affect your hormones. It may not be able to completely balance your hormones, but it can improve the skin issues caused by them.

The Magic of Matcha

healthy skin care tips

Although matcha shares similarities with green tea, it has its own set of benefits that apply to your skin. Think of it as next-level green tea because everything it does, it does more powerfully than green tea.

Its high levels of vitamin K boost your skin’s ability to heal. That goes for blemishes and wounds of all kinds, too. Vitamin K also improves how your blood circulates and feeds your skin. That decreases inflammation and it gets rid of puffiness and swelling.

No more dark circles or bags under your eyes! Matcha tea is full of chlorophyll, as well, which works to keep your skin safe from the sun. It makes sure your pores remain open and unclogged, too.

Radiant with Rooibos

healthy skin care tips

Ever tried rooibos tea? You should. Also called the red bush tea, it’s chock full of antioxidants that can treat eczema, acne, and other blemishes. It should be your go-to tea if you want clear skin overall, especially if you have acne or if you get hormonal blemishes.

It may also be able to balance and correct uneven skin. Try it the next time you get a sunburn, too.

Timeless Tremella


We’re going to get into tonics now, which you can find premade or create yourself with the help of a blender and a quality recipe.

Most tonics involve powerful herbs or superfoods. Tremella mushrooms classify as a superfood, and they make an incredible tonic for your skin. That’s primarily because it boosts your body’s production of SOD, or superoxide dismutase. It’s an antioxidant enzyme that’s responsible for not only regenerating your skin but also protecting it.

Vivacious Aloe Vera

healthy skin care tips

Thought aloe vera only soothed a sunburn? Although it’s excellent for that, you can also ingest aloe vera that has been prepared properly or apply it topically to reap a wealth of skin benefits. Full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants, it’s also mainly water, so it’s perfect for hydrating your skin, moisturizing it, and generally rejuvenating it.

No surprise that it does the same things for your hair. Applying an aloe tonic or ingesting the powerful plant will strengthen the roots of your hair, along with promoting growth. Next time you get a haircut you hate, turn to aloe vera.

Goji Gorgeous

Move over, acai berries! Both ingestible and topical tonics with goji berry prove that it’s the new superfood berry in town. If you long for radiance, then this is your berry.

Goji berries are the best source for carotenoids. Those are phytochemicals that can also down the speed with which your skin ages. Can you imagine? A goji berry is like a tiny red fountain of youth.

The fact that it contains calcium and selenium means that it’s just as beneficial for your hair. You’ll have brighter eyes, glowing skin, and shiny hair if you use a goji-based tonic on the regular. If you’re making the tonic yourself, then consider adding a few enhancing ingredients, such as collagen peptides or another superfood.

Lovely with Lavender

healthy skin care tips

Lavender can become a tea or a tonic. As a tea, it’s exquisitely floral. No matter how you use it, you’ll love the results you see in both your hair and your skin.

Massage your scalp with a lavender tonic to stimulate hair growth. Whether you drink it or use it topically, it will soothe irritations, as well. Mind you, that goes for your skin, not just your scalp.

Hibiscus for Hair and Skin

healthy skin care tips

Hibiscus is a sweet addition to any drink or tonic. Ingest it regularly to experience healthy, hydrated hair and skin.

If you suffer from dry skin, dehydration, scaly patches, or dandruff, introducing hibiscus into your routine will help. You can thank all of its antioxidants and their vitamins for that.

Rejuvenating with Rosemary

Make it into a tonic, use rosemary and olive oil, or eat rosemary in your diet. Your hair will thank you because it can boost hair growth. Some say that it can even ward off the appearance of grey hair. For the same reasons, it works well for your skin.

There you have our healthy skin care tips. There are berries, fungi, teas, and herbs that can enhance your hair and skin. The best part is that most, if not all of them, are delicious. Have you considered using any of these teas and tonics to soothe your skin or strengthen your hair? If you have other recommendations, then please don’t hesitate to share them. There’s nothing better than adding natural products to your beauty routine.

healthy skin care tips
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