What is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Health Benefits + 5 Matcha Green Tea Smoothie Recipes

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A few months ago, an article on social media caught my attention. The post was talking about the amazing benefits of Matcha green tea powder. I'd heard about matcha before, but out of curiosity, just like you… I Googled what is matcha green tea powder. 

After that morning I spent the next few weeks researching the benefits of matcha green tea powder… And now I've become a regular drinker and I'm pretty excited about adding it to my journey of natural healing.

So I thought I'd write about it today. This post will answer the question “what is matcha green tea powder”, the health benefits of drinking it regularly, how to make Matcha green tea, PLUS 5 Matcha Green Tea Smoothies to try.

So let's start with answering the question: What is matcha green tea powder?

What is Matcha Green Tea Powder?

Matcha is a tea green tea made from matcha green tea powder. The word Matcha means merely “powdered tea.”

Matcha has a naturally sweet smell, but the taste is bitter, malty and vegetal. It's made from ground green tea leaves, as opposed to steeping or infusing the tea leaves in hot water to make your cup of tea. With Matcha, you're drinking the actual leaves, which have been ground and made into a fine powder.

So, why has Matcha tea become so popular? Well, in recent years, many of us have shifted our eating habits and leaning towards more natural foods and away from processed foods. So, the popularity of Matcha is because regular consumption brings many health benefits!

Not only do you get all the same health benefits as green tea made from the leaves… But the powdered version is ten times more powerful than any other green tea since you're consuming the whole leaves from the plant.

5 Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder


1. Loaded With Antioxidants

Matcha green tea powder has a very high concentration of antioxidants, In fact, Matcha tea has more antioxidants than any other tea. The antioxidants are close to what you get when you consume dark chocolate or spinach. With antioxidants, you help avoid bacteria and various strains of illness. And you can even reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. Matcha has also been known to help with diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and liver disease. Also, the high number of antioxidants works amazingly well for your skin. 

2. You Can Boost Your Energy Levels

Matcha green tea powder is a natural source of caffeine… About 3 three times as much caffeine than a cup of steeped green tea (Matcha has about the same amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee).  But the buzz is definitely different… Matcha gives you a feeling of “alert calm” because it has a natural occurring L-Theanine which brings about a feeling of relaxation without drowsiness. In fact, Buddhist monks first used Matcha to gain a certain state of mind – a sense of clarity and alertness during meditation without falling asleep.

3. Matcha is Good for Weight Loss & Detoxification

If you are trying to lose weight, Matcha green tea is highly recommended. This type of tea has nutrients and antioxidants that can help boost your metabolism and weight loss. Matcha green tea powder also helps you to burn more calories, which means you're burning more fat throughout the day than if you weren't drinking it… along with providing an extra boost of energy needed for exercise.

4. You Can Detox Your Body

Looking for a good and natural way to detox your body? If so, you will be glad you found Matcha tea. There are high levels of chlorophyll in Matcha green tea powder that provide you with a healthy and natural detox. Adding it to your diet will help rid the toxins in your body that builds up from unhealthy food and drinks.

5. Improve Your Cardiovascular Health

Matcha green tea powder is also great for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. It helps to lower your bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise your good cholesterol (HDL), while also lowering your blood pressure. If you're concerned about your heart health, it can definitely be worthwhile to add this green tea to your healthy diet. 
If the taste of green tea is what is stopping you, there are many creative ways to still include it in your diet. You can add matcha green tea powder to smoothie recipes and I've included some of my favorites below. 

How to Make Matcha Green Tea 

I often buy Matcha at my local Starbucks, but at $4 or more, you can definitely make it for less at home. All you really need is a high-quality Matcha green tea powder and a few utensils to get started.

what is matcha green tea powderIngredients & Utensils Needed: 

  • A high-grade organic Matcha green tea powder (I get mine here)
  • A bamboo whisk (not absolutely necessary, but creates a frothier, and much smoother drink than without)
  • Water heated to 175 degrees F
  • A fine mesh strainer
  • A glass bowl for whisking
  • Small cups for drinking tea

Making the Matcha Tea

Sift about 1 Tsp of Matcha green tea powder into the glass bowl for whisking. Slowly add 1 Cup of water heated to 175 degrees. (not boiling) Whisk with bamboo whisk until frothy and well mixed. If you decide not to opt for the whisk, you can experiment with your blender. Drink immediately.


Do not compromise quality for the price. It really does make a difference in the taste and health benefits. First, make sure the Matcha green tea powder is organic. Look for the highest grade extracted from young and fresh leaves which have a mild, sweet taste. (Old leaves have a bitter taste.)

5 Matcha Green Tea Smoothies to Try

1. Green Tea Berry Smoothie

This first smoothie lets you have your favorite fruit smoothie, but with the added health benefits of the Matcha green tea powder. It is a berry smoothie, so go ahead and add any berries you like. It can be one type of berry, or a mixed berry like with frozen blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. In a blender, combine the berries with a nut milk of your choosing, matcha powder, chia seeds, and a banana. You can also season it up with some cinnamon or honey if you like.

2. Matcha Banana Tea Smoothie

This next smoothie is super easy to make. It is best to use a frozen banana because it gives the smoothie a nice cool consistency, without having to use ice. Add the frozen banana to the blender with your Matcha powder, milk, and some maple syrup to sweeten it up a bit. There are some stores that sell latte-grade matcha powder which is best when making a smoothie.

3. Banana Cacao Matcha Smoothie

This goes one step further by using the same ingredients as in the banana smoothie but adding a chocolate flavor as well. This doesn’t taste much like green tea, so it really is best when you want a banana chocolate smoothie but a healthier one. Add to that a frozen banana, almond or cashew milk, cacao powder, and some maple syrup. Maca powder and chia seeds also add even more nutrients to the smoothie.

4. Matcha Smoothie Bowl

Are you a fan of smoothie bowls? If you are, why not try one with matcha green tea! Remember that smoothie bowls are thicker than regular smoothies, so you want to add Matcha as the powder instead of the tea. This really thickens it up. For the bowl, also add to a blender your frozen banana, frozen berries, yogurt, spinach, and a little bit of almond milk. Pour it all into a bowl and add toppings like coconut shavings and cacao nibs.

5. Starbucks Secret Matcha Recipe

Add 2 Tsp of Matcha green tea powder to 1 Cup coconut or almond milk. Add 1 packet of Stevia. Blend in blender until mixed well and frothy.

Have you already tried Matcha? Tell me about how you enjoy it and any health benefits you've noticed. And if you have any questions or other comments, please leave them for me in the comment area below.

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Written by Jackie Parker


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  1. I enjoy reading this your content was very informative so much to learn about matcha green tea powder. The set out of the page is great easy to use and the pictures on here are good. The smoothie reciepes was an awesome idea at the end i think ill give them ago keep up the great work

    • Thanks Audra. So happy we found each other! I hope you sign up for my newsletter. I feature 2 healthy recipes every month along with some great ideas and practices for self health-care. 

  2. I drink green tea on daily basis and love the taste of Japanese Sencha tea. I was wondering if drinking Matcha is more beneficial than drinking regular infused leaf? I guess so since you drink the grounded leaf…?

    That may sound weird but I was thinking about making a morning smoothie with Matcha tea. Mixing it with fruits, oats, and yogurt. Is that crazy? 🙂 If by any chance you happen to have a recipe, I’d be happy to try it!

  3. Hi Carolyn, I actually do have a few! I’ll add them to the post in the next couple of days if you can check back.

  4. Hi, I found your information very helpful, and I just might try your tea, when I get some money, the smoothies sound great and I’m sure I’ll try them soon. I like your layout, and the disclaimer at the bottom, because I liked your web page, I shared it on my Pinterest boards. 

  5. I’m pleased to find my way here.

    Drinking tea is something I’ve always enjoyed..
    ..but using powder is kind a new trend for me.

    I think this is something I would like to try!
    To boost energy levels & generally feel good is totally worth it.
    As I keep reading Matcha offers a whole set of high quality Buddha teas.

    I’m also curious, how often can & should you drink these type of teas?
    They are quite potent ones, have to be careful not to over do our thing.

    Would love to hear your opinion on this.

  6. Hi Henry, Matcha green tea does have a fair amount of caffeine, so I wouldn’t over due it. Even though Matcha has some amazing health benefits you have to make sure it’s organic… And all green teas, contain trace amounts of lead and fluoride. From everything I’ve learned, it’s very, very low, but pregnant women should exercise caution. 

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