9 Aphrodisiac Superfoods To Enhance Your Sex Life and Libido

And Please Never Forget Garlic!

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Best aphrodisiac and healthy superfoods to enhance your libido and sex life. Picture via Shutterstock

Are there aphrodisiac superfoods that can improve my potency and my sexual pleasure? What can I eat to improve my libido? Are any individual foods really natural aphrodisiacs?

Sorry, but if such kind of aphrodisiac food was available on the market, it would probably sell out 😉

But history shows that certain plants were used by different cultures around the world to strengthen libido, exalt lovemaking and improve fertility.

And science has shown that some goodies produce happiness-inducing endorphins and thus can enhance your pleasure, sustain a healthy sex drive and boost your libido.

So in this post, let's look at nine ingredients I have used to actually upgrade sex life and that has worked out perfectly for me.

9 Aphrodisiac Superfoods

1. Oysters

Oysters, clams, and scallops are aphrodisiac as they contain compounds that raise testosterone and estrogen levels.

And that increase in sexual hormone production leads to an enhanced sexual desire.

Oysters also contain lots of zinc which aids blood flow to sexual organs in both genders.

And if you don't like mollusks eat lobster or crab since both shellfish are also loaded with zinc.

2. Cacao

how to control food cravingsCacao is a legendary aphrodisiac food also known as the food of love.

It has been reported that the Mayan king drank a vat of a special cacao drink when visiting his harem.

What makes cacao so incredible are anandamide and theobromine, two nutrients which help us to feel good. And that's the most important for having good sex.

Moreover, Cacao contains huge amounts of bio-available magnesium, making it useful for the heart, brain, and hormonal health.

Please eat raw chocolate since the aphrodisiac effects of cacao are destroyed during roasting and when sugar is added.

3. Garlic

best foods for detox

You should also ignore the never eat garlic before going out on a date.

Garlic is a natural blood thinner enabling plenty of blood flow to your nether regions.

And if you both eat it, neither will notice each other's strong breath.

4. Maca

Maca is a Peruvian superfood regarded as a natural viagra. Yes, it is also known as the Spanish Viagra.

You can add the maca powder to a smoothie or in raw chocolates about 30 minutes before sex. And I tell you… the night is going to be awesome.

5. Pumpkin Seeds

To boost your libido, you have to make sure your body works at its optimum level.

Pumpkin seeds (and many other seeds and nuts) contain high quantities of essential nutrients, like zinc, good fats, and protein.

Like with oysters, zink aids blood flow to sex organs in both genders and thus will have a positive effect on lovemaking.

6. Ginseng

Ginseng will boost your physical stamina, cognitive function, sexual strength, and performance. But you shouldn't take it if you are pregnant.

Ginseng is the most popular herb in Chinese medicine and is widely used around the world to increase your sex life.

This superfood relaxes the muscles and improves circulation and blood flow to the genitals, which is what we want after all.

7. Strawberries

Sex is sensual and as such can also be enhanced by taste, texture, color, and flavor.

That's exactly what you find in strawberries.

They are red, heart-shaped, juicy and succulent… Let your imagination do the rest.

And of course, you can dip your strawberries in hot raw chocolate before, during and after lovemaking.

8. Vanilla

stress relieving natural remediesVanilla has a long tradition of use for its aphrodisiac properties due to its medicinal compound vanillin, which is very calming and thus helps to prepare body and mind for coitus.

9. Reishi

health benefits of chaga mushroomsReishi is an aphrodisiac mushroom also known as ‘the magic mushroom of the bedroom.’

It enhances both male and female fertility.

Moreover, the reishi mushroom supports the kidney and urinary functions, which are believed in Chinese medicine to be the home of sexual power.

You can add your reishi mushroom powder to chocolate foods and drinks or prepare tea out of the dried fungi.

The following video presents 10 more healthy foods that naturally act like viagra. Maybe it's also worth your time to look at, no?

So as you see, there are many superfoods and ingredients that can enhance your sex life. Just don't forget that a balanced diet, an active lifestyle and good mental health will also have a very positive effect on your libido partnership and lovemaking.

Please tell me in the comments which one of those natural aphrodisiacs you have already tried and if they have also boosted your love life. Thank you!

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