7 Tips to Age Gracefully

The Beauty of Growing Old

tips to age gracefully

tips to age gracefully

Everyone, save for a handful of Hollywood stars, can use tips to age gracefully. After all, no one escapes the clasps of Father Time, and we all succumb to aging.

Over the last few decades, the average lifespan of humans has grown longer. Through developments in the field of medicine and greater awareness of health issue, the average life expectancy is now at 78 years.

Compare that to 1970, when the average lifespan was 70.8 years.

Now, experts are projecting that the average lifespan by 2020 will reach 79.5 years.

But living longer and having a high quality of life are not necessarily the same. And before you use these tips to age gracefully, it ‘s nice to have a basic understanding of why humans age.

Why do we age?

tips to age gracefullyThere are two theories that attempt to explain why we humans live up to a certain point.

The first theory states that we are only programmed to live a specific number of years. According to this theory, some genes in the body dictate how long humans live. Supporters of this theory claim that if these genes could be edited or changed, we can live longer.

The second theory argues that our bodies wear out over time.

Experts who belong to this camp believe that our lifespans depend on the small changes happening in our DNA. These changes accumulate until it reaches the point wherein too much damage has been done to the body.

Although this talk about aging and dying may sound morbid… The good news is that scientists have found a way to reverse the aging process in mammals and it is likely that human trials are next. Science says within 10 years this will be a reality.

Whatever may be the true cause of aging, there are a few things that we may have to deal with at one point or another.
These conditions include: 
  • Musculoskeletal troubles
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Visual conditions
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Poor kidney function
  • Skin conditions
  • Fatigue
  • Oral and dental conditions

What does aging gracefully mean exactly?

Aging gracefully can be a murky subject with several competing definitions. Some people, especially women, think that the term means being focused solely on one's appearance.

Others view aging as something that one should prevent or entirely avoid.

Perhaps, age is just a number. After all, no magical transition happens when we reach a particular age. Quite simply, if you have lived an unremarkable life, your age will rarely matter.

Maybe, it's all in our minds. Take this study from the San Diego School of Medicine, University of California, and Stanford University.

According to the study which involved participants aged between 50 and 99 years old, resilience and depression are more important than physical and cognitive functioning.

7 Tips to Age Gracefully

No matter how you define what aging gracefully is, one thing is for certain: We have to approach it holistically. That means paying attention (and making the necessary tweaks) to the changes in the different facets of our lives: physical, mental, emotional.

1. Pay attention to your nutrition

 Many studies say that fruits and veggies, especially those that contain antioxidants, are beneficial. Consider taking vitamins for healthy bones and joints to stave of musculoskeletal disorders later in life.

It is okay to indulge every once in a while, but if you want to age gracefully, moderation is key

2. Avoid wearing excessive makeup

As you grow older, you may want to stop wearing too much makeup. In fact, applying too much makeup can make you look worse rather than make you look better.

3. Go easy on the salt

As we age, we become vulnerable to high blood pressure. In fact, roughly two-thirds of adults have high blood pressure. The culprit? A diet high in salt content. If you cannot avoid using salt, make sure that you follow the recommended values for sodium.

4. Banish negativity in your life

Want to be happier as you grow old? Stay clear of negative people. Creating a positive mindset can make us happier and allows us to slow down our mental decline. Plus, positivity can help ward off heart disease.

5. Move!

A sedentary lifestyle can not only rob you of a significant amount of your life, but it can also make you unhealthy. Limit the number of hours you allocate toward watching TV or going online on your computer. Find an activity that you like doing; that will ensure that you will keep on doing and enjoying it.

6. Limit sun exposure

Although it is practically impossible to avoid having fine lines and wrinkles, limiting sun exposure can minimize these while allowing us to avoid skin problems like sun spots and loss of skin elasticity. If you must have your fun under the sun, make sure that you use the appropriate skin care products.

7. Keep stress at bay

Stress is a fact of life that we all must deal with. Quite simply, it is not possible to avoid stress. What we can do is to find ways to better cope with it. That may mean exercising or learning how to meditate. It may still be impossible to turn back the hands of time, but if we learn to take better care of our minds and bodies, we can all age gracefully.

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