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Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for October 2021 Review + Coupon

Immune System Support

simply earth essential oil recipe box
What's inside the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for October 2021

If you are thinking of using essential oils during the fall and winter months when your health is at the greatest risk, check out the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for October 2021.

Simply Earth's October Essential Oil Recipe Box is all about immunity support. Put simply, when your immune system both responds and defends, your body is better at preventing illness.

Simply Earth is a monthly essential oil subscription box for 100% pure high-quality essential oils. When you subscribe to Simply Earth's subscription boxes you get recipes and everything you need to make your own 100% non-toxic, natural healthcare products.

You also get free access to their Essential Oil Hero Course so you can become an expert on essential oils.

You can read my full review of the company and the brand here: Simply Earth Essential Oils Review.

In this article, we reveal what's inside the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for October 2021.

The theme for the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for October 2021 is: Immune System Support

Your immune system works to make you healthier by getting unwelcome invaders out of your body, and by repairing any damage that has been done.

In both these tasks, essential oils can help!

The essential oils in the October Recipe Box have something in common with your natural immunity. When your sense of smell recognizes an aroma it knows is beneficial to strengthening your immune system, it logs away that knowledge. The next time you encounter that same aroma, your sense of smell and brain recognizes this as a good thing.

These essential oils trigger a physiological and chemical response that automatically makes your immune system better at doing its job.

There are hundreds of essential oils. The ones included in the October Recipe Box improve your immune system in many ways. Consider them a healthy, side-effect-free alternative to conventional medicine that leads to health and well-being, since they boost your ability to resist illness.

See Everything You Get Inside the Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box for October 2021

Essential Oils included in October 2021 Box

simply earth essential oil recipe box for october 2021
Digest – Eucalyptus – Fir Needle – Cajeput

1. Digest Blend – Digest Aid helps relieve nausea and stomach issues from overeating, especially by eliminating gas and bloating. This blend includes: Aniseed, Bergamont, German Chamomile, and Sweet Orange

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2. Fir Needle – Wherever you live, whether it be a hot or cold climate, Fir Needle has great benefits and uses:

  • Calms
  • Supports respiration
  • Soothes
  • Energizes

3. Cajeput – Cajeput Essential Oil is a close relative to Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, and Clove, and carries many of the same benefits:

  • Uplifts
  • Soothes
  • Energizes
  • Supports respiration

4. Eucalyptus – Treats everything from a cough to skin diseases. Eucalyptus leaves were minced to use for respiratory ailments, wounds, ulcers, aching joints, fevers, and dysentery.

You will also get 5 New Recipes inside the October 2021 Recipe Box

simply earth essential oil recipe box for october 2021
October 2021 Toxin-Free Recipes

You'll also get these EXTRAS inside the October 2021 Recipe Box:

  • Menthol Crystals derived from the peppermint plant
  • Serum Bottle with dropper cap for easy application of serums and oils
  • Cleaning tablet
  • A $40 Gift Card with your first order

You'll also get a BIG BONUS BOX!

simply earth
Simply Earth Big Bonus Box

What's Inside?

  • Almond Oil
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 10 mL Roll-on Bottle 6x
  • 5 mL Amber Glass Bottles 6x
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax 2 oz

Visit Simply Earth to Get the October 2021 Recipe Box NOW!

simply earth October Essential Oil recipe box

Use MOH10 at Checkout

Use Discount Code: MOHFREE at checkout for a $40 Gift Card Coupon.

When you subscribe you will receive a $40 Discount gift card coupon with your first order and a FREE Bonus Box too!

Check out Simply Earth and use the Discount Code MOHFREE when you subscribe and you will receive a $40 Discount Gift Card coupon with your first order and a FREE Bonus Box too!

This is an incredible deal, so don't wait because most monthly boxes sell out! 

simply earth essential oils subscription box for October 2021
Look at all you get for $39!!

***Plus + Plus + Plus ***

If you subscribe for the first time (you can cancel at any time!) using Discount Code – MOHFREE, you will receive the October Simply Earth Essential Recipe Box, the Big Bonus Box (worth $40 alone), and a $40 gift card you can use toward future purchases. The $40 card will be emailed to you after making your first purchase.


“Way better than I expected! 

This was my first box – I was blown away. It was so well thought out! The recipes are all easy and useful – and the forethought to include the containers needed was such a nice touch. I am an avid EO user, so I was happy to see some interesting and different oils that I didn’t have in my collection and the recipes provided me ways to use some of the staples I already have – can’t wait for the next box!!


Use DISCOUNT CODE MOH 10 at check out for another 10% off
simply earth essential oils recipe box for October 2021
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