5 Possible Warning Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

symptoms you should never ignore

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When you don't have your health, you don't have your freedom. Right? You will likely lose the ability to function and work. And when you cannot work, your life could start a downward spiral, which could take years to recover; if ever.

On the other side of the scale, if you have good health, you can work and enjoy life. Your health can increase happiness.

The bottom line is that there are warning symptoms you should never ignore. Good health is the foundation on which your life is built. You may think of health as just the absence of ailments and sickness. But that's a one-sided view.

Health is much more comprehensive than that. Good health encompasses all-around physical well-being, social well-being, and mental well-being as well!

We can hardly exaggerate the advantages of being in good health. When you have it, you are not dependent on other people for your needs. You can get the thrills of life on your own, choosing to do and go where you choose. Unhealthy, confined, people can find life difficult to feel joy because physical ailments bring on pain, bitterness, mental tensions sleepless nights, worry and misery.

It makes perfect sense that we should strive for good physical health, and maintain it. Remember, you can’t buy good health. The acquisition of good health will call for some concrete steps.

Many healthcare professionals say that there are 3 primary factors that can bring about good health.

1. Good Habits

possible warning symptoms

When you have good personal habits, you are setting yourself up for good health. Good habits like:

  • Getting up early
  • Maintaining your own daily self-care practices
  • Moderating eating habits
  • Exercise
  • Getting adequate sleep and rest, are all vital in maintaining good health and mind.

You can find more  daily routines here.

2. A Clean Environment

This is a basic requirement, even the environment in which we live is so polluted. Our basic necessity of life – water, is so contaminated today – and what about our food? The air that we breathe? Our towns and cities are dumping grounds for all kinds of waste where dangerous microbes breed. Unfortunately, good health seems to have become a distant dream.

3. A Clean Mind

possible warning signs

Your mind is what controls the body. Doctors say that the mind is so powerful it has the ability to even dispel some incurable diseases and ailments that might cripple the body.

A positive outlook, being calm and serene, full of joy, happiness have a profound result on good health.

Even if your body is in peak physical health, you are lost if your mental health isn’t in tip-top condition. Fulfilling relationships and productive lives can be attained if your mental health is in order.

Mental health is truly the springboard of your self-esteem. It is the state of mind in which a person can think and feel and act when faced with the onslaughts of life.

It is the way you look at yourself and other people in your life; it is the way you view problems and challenges and explore your options and decisions. It is the ability to maintain social relationships with people in a harmonious way – it is the state of the psychological condition of your mind.

If your mental health is not intact, it will disrupt your thinking pattern, your moods, your feelings and your ability to communicate with others.

Disorders can be anything from schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, major depressive disorders and the like. Having a mental illness is not anybody’s fault. Fortunately, many are treatable. Counseling, self-help groups and of course natural vitamins and foods play a huge role when it comes to mental health.

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No One Will Ever Know Your Body Better Than YOU

So, when something goes wrong, you will probably be the first person to be aware of the wake-up call. Pay attention to any new pains or sensations. Don't ignore these signs because you may be able to avoid a fatal condition if you are on the lookout for signs that something is not right. My youngest sister just passed away on Christmas Eve from bladder cancer because she failed to see the signs.

5 Possible Warning Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

1. Pain in either the chest or head

Experiencing chest pain is a very serious symptom that you must not ignore – in fact, it requires immediate attention.

If you suffer from tightness in the chest and lingering accompanying pain, it could mean signs of a heart attack or heart disease; maybe even a blood clot.

Any chest pain that is accompanied by pressure, sweating, nausea, shortness of breath, needs an evaluation from a medical expert immediately.

If you suffer from extreme pain in the head, it could be an indicator of a burst blood vessel or an aneurysm, even shingles or meningitis.

The inability to concentrate any longer or sudden confusion that overcomes you are very serious indicators that all is not right. Confusion and changes in personality, as well as strange behavior, could be indicators of brain tumors, bleeding in the brain and stroke

2. Unexplained Weight Loss

Weight loss of around 5% of your body in a short space of time, is a warning sign that you should not ignore.

In fact, one of the reasons why people can lose weight rapidly is that they could be experiencing signs of cancer, particularly colon cancer. There are other reasons why you could be losing weight too, like depression or diabetes; or problems with the endocrine system.

3. Persistent fever

A fever that will not abate but continues to persist is something you shouldn’t ignore. It probably will need medical attention. Fever indicates that your body is dealing with some infection and the more serious the fever, the more serious the infection.

Anything from meningitis, a urinary tract infection, cancer. Dr. David Bronson says that any “Fever of 103 degrees and higher warrants a trip to the doctor — period.”

4. Seeing flashes of light

If you are noticing flashes of light or sudden and unexplained bright spots appearing in your line of vision, see a doctor. The flashes or the presence of large floaters in your path of sight could mean that your retina has become detached.

Take this very seriously, as this can quickly lead on to permanent vision loss. The symptoms might not be causing you pain and might appear harmless to you, but you need to get fast treatment if you want to save your vision.

5. Shortness of breath

If you can’t seem to get your breath, or if you notice chest pain or fever and circulation problems, you need to get over to your doctor immediately.

Inability to catch your breath might well be a sign of a pulmonary disease or a blood clot and both of these are very serious conditions. Shortness of breath can also arise from severe anxiety, even asthma. But you need to discuss these with your doctor too.

Those are five, but don't ignore a few more:

  • Swollen legs can be a sign that you are experiencing heart failure or vein problems, even thyroid problems.
  • Sudden pain in your stomach could mean something serious like an aortic aneurysm or blood flow problems. These could be accompanied by vomiting.
  • Constant tiredness. We all joke and say we are tired all the time. But seriously, if you do experience long-term exhaustion and fatigue, it could mean that there is something seriously wrong. For example, things like gastrointestinal cancer or anemia, depression or hypothyroidism. Whatever the reason, it is time to see your doctor.
  • Don’t ignore pelvic pain, even if it might be a dull pain. It needs to be checked out by your doctor straight away. It could be a sign that you have appendicitis, it could be a kidney infection or a nerve condition; maybe a hernia. Even if the pain is vague, and you feel inclined just to think it will go away, you should not be suffering from pain in the pelvic area.
  • If you find yourself needing to run every few minutes so to speak, you need to see your doctor. Excessive urination could mean that you have a tumor mass pressing down on your bladder. Even if the tumor shows up later to be benign, you still need to see the doctor straight away. Running to the toilet every few minutes could also mean a urinary tract infection.

Look To The Root Cause of Disease Rather Than Addressing Symptoms

People tend to treat the symptoms of their disease, rather than the root cause. Look first at your gut!

People will see a doctor, complaining of their condition, and their doctor will treat with medication or herbs. – but what about their diets and lifestyles?

It was Hippocrates who said over 2000 years ago that “All disease begins in the gut” so work to improve your digestion.

Bad bacteria, toxins, gluten, undigested food particles all cause systemic inflammation and immune reactions. These go on to affect our joints, skin, thyroid, brain and the like. No wonder we get ill! A real, natural, detox is what you might need.

What are some Signs You Need to Detox?

possible warning signs

Ayurvedic Detox

Fortunately, there is Ayurveda which offers a myriad of tools so that you can cleanse your system of all the toxins.

“Detox” may have taken on the tinge of a trendy buzzword but, in reality, it is a function that our bodies, when in balance, perform naturally and regularly.

The detox channels of the body – or the channels through which the body cleanses damaging toxins – are the same as the digestive channels. There is an intimate link between these two processes.

According to Ayurveda, the goal is always to optimize the body’s natural propensity for cleansing, which is the safest and surest way to know you are not storing dangerous toxins in your fat cells and brain.

A couple times a year, Ayurveda recommends an intensive detox regimen to reset the digestive function – which can get boggy and congested over time – and provide rejuvenation for all of the organs that work so hard to keep us functioning.

In America, poor digestion is incredibly common. Modern-day exposure to preservatives, pesticides, plastics, and environmental pollutants has put us in a vulnerable position. Digestive strength can also be weakened from over-eating and eating foods that are inappropriate to the season.

A more intensive detox regimen can kick your natural detox function into a higher gear, encouraging the body to do a better job of cleansing on its own.

3 Keys to an Intelligent Detox

  1. An intelligent detox will always seek to open up the detox channels first.

This will ensure that once toxins are released, they are quickly eliminated through the excretory or eliminatory system, lest they be pushed from one fat cell to another or default back to the liver, which often sends them back into the bloodstream.

You want to make sure that the cleanse you are doing has a clear plan for where the toxins will end up – and you want that to be outside of your body.

  1. An effective and carefully-designed cleanse will have the goal of balancing the blood sugar.

Unstable blood sugar is the root cause of many common imbalances in the west. It wreaks havoc on the brain, skin, adrenals, cells, heart, gut, joints and more.

If the cleanse is extremely restrictive, low in calories, lack fiber, nutrition and/or are mainly liquid, you are going to run into blood sugar spikes and crashes.

  1. A thorough and complete detox will include the resetting of digestion.

Resetting the digestion after a cleanse is key, as healthy and well-functioning digestive pathways equal healthy detoxification pathways.

Doing so allows for the balancing of digestive fluids, such as the stomach acids pancreatic enzymes and bile. A good balance of these fluids allows for efficiently flow, and for them to do their job of breaking down food in the stomach and small intestine.

Resetting the digestion is also a critical factor in the proliferation of diverse strains of healthy microbes. They are responsible for immunity, detox, mood, evolutionary changes to DNA, and just about every other human function. The goal is to create the perfect environment for the good microbes to thrive.

Do Your Research & Cleanse Smart

Make sure that any cleanse you do can outline in detail the process it sets in motion to accomplish these steps, that its ultimate goal is to restore rather than deplete, and that the benefits are logical and long-lasting.

Want To Learn More?

Sometimes we ignore possible warning symptoms because we believe they are trivial.

Pain will be the first indicator that all is not right, but there might be other signs, like your weight, your size, your blood pressure, your temperature.

If you are aware of unusual symptoms which persist longer than a few days, it’s worth having them checked out. There are many symptoms that can often provide your doctor with clues to possible underlying disease.

It’s time to reset your body – and remember, your body constantly communicates with you about all it needs. It is up to each one of us to listen carefully what our body is telling us.

f you have any of the above symptoms – don’t suffer – get to your doctor today so that you can start reducing inflammation, detoxing and eating mindfully.

You only have one life, only one body – don’t delay and let it become a race against time.

symptoms you should never ignore
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