How To Prevent Dry Hair

6 Tips to Stop Scorched Hair From Top NYC Stylists

How to prevent hair loss
Dry hair is the most common hair concern for every girl. Cold or hot weather, dry air, salt water, wind, and inconsistent nutrition can be the cause. So here, you'll learn 6 tips on how to prevent dry hair from top stylists at the best New York City hair salon.

How to Prevent Dry Hair

#1 Nutrition

how to prevent dry hair

You are what you eat. This a true statement because our hair and skin are the indicators of our health.

So recheck your nutrition and make sure that you eat enough fresh fruit and vegetables. There are many reasons to quit eating processed foods like chips, sweets, fried and fatty dishes and hair health is one of them!

Eat more nuts and avocados – they are full of natural fats which are so good for natural body moisturizing. And don't forget seeds! – they are full of vitamins A, E, which are necessary for hair growth. Only a handful of any nuts or seeds will provide fantastic hair, scalp benefits. Moreover, they can be so delicious and healthy snacks during the day.

Add more green leafy foods in your daily meals. They are full of iron and help to remove toxins from your body due to the high cellulose content.
And don’t forget to drink enough amount of fresh water every day. I can't stress this enough… Drink 7-9 glasses of water per day and more if you do sports regularly.

#2 Natural Hair Care Products

how to prevent dry hairThere are so many things you can use instead of expensive and harmful hair products from salons. Actually, all those commercial products can’t fix your hair or make it supple and radiant anyway. Why? Because they contain harmful toxins such as alcohol, glycerin, and lauryl sulfate.
It's a gimmick that they can nourish your scalp and reduce the split ends. So a word of caution… Be more natural with the following homemade remedies.

Coconut and Cocoa Oil Mask

Mix the needed amount (depending on your hair length) of coconut and cocoa oil in a bowl. Rub it into the scalp and cover it all over your hair. Wrap it with a towel and leave for approximately 2 hours. After, shampoo your locks as usual.
If you struggle with a hair loss and breakage, you can apply this mask:
Combine coconut oil with 3-4 tablespoons of warm castor oil. Rub the mixture on the scalp and all over the hair length. Put on a plastic cap and wrap it with a towel. Wait 2 hours and wash it out with warm water and daily shampoo two times.
You will see the result after the first washing.

#3 Give It A Rest

how to prevent dry hair

Different tools can over dry your hair. Try to avoid everyday usage of hair dryer and iron. If you can't do this, give a rest to your tresses at least once per week.

You shouldn’t wash your hair every day as well. Over-washing is a simple reason for split ends and greasy hair as well. It is counterintuitive, but everyday washing provokes your scalp to produce more oil. So try using a great dry shampoo to gently remove the oil with no water involved. If you feel your hair is a little bit dirty, make a bun, braid or ponytail, wear a hat, etc.

#4 Reduce Stress

how to prevent hair loss

We know that stress can be a cause of mental and physical diseases. But did you know that it can cause dry hair and provoke hair loss? It's true. So, reduce stress if you want to have a supple and radiant skin and hair.

The good news is, there are many things you can do to prevent stress like yoga, Yoga Nidra, meditation, and sports.
These practices along with physical exercises help us to forget about our troubles and improve circulation. Moving your body will also help you to release toxins through sweating. So make a commitment to yourself to find a practice you enjoy to reduce stress in your life.

#5 Reduce Environmental Damage

Keep in mind, sun, hot or cold weather and wind can take a toll on your hair. So, wear hats and caps when you're under a hot sun.
Wash hair with warm water without shampoo after swimming in a salt water.
In the winter months, it's just as important to protect your hair with a hat and moisturize it more. Before going outside you can rub a little amount of a coconut oil on your hair and it will be enought to protect it.

#6 Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

 how to prevent dry hair
There is no need to tell you about cancer and other terrifying diseases that smoking causes. But we will tell you that you need to avoid smoking if you want to prevent hair loss and premature aging.
Additionally, if you have dry hair, drinking alcohol will dehydrate you and exacerbate the problem. Excessive alcohol can also trigger a deficiency of zinc, which can cause not only dry hair but hair loss.
Remember that you can be gorgeous with simple, natural products and a healthy diet.
There is no need to buy expensive products. Your locks will always be manageable, soft and supple if you will follow our advice on a regular basis.
prevent dry hair
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