Coping With Corona Virus Stress

How a Calm Mind Can Keep You Healthy

Corona virus stress
Corona Virus stress can lower immunity.

From corona virus to politics to everyday pressures, there’s so much to be stressed about. For many people, especially the corona virus is adding a good deal of upset to their daily life and it is impacting their immunity against it. Many studies show that feeling corona virus stress and anxiety doesn’t just affect your peace of mind. In fact, you’re more likely to get sick if your mind is persistently stressed or anxious.

The cortisol hormone produced when you’re stressed out takes a heavy toll on your physical and mental health. Due to this, providing your mind space to relax is one of the most critical self-care routines you can practice. The state of your mind has the potential to significantly improve your health, or degrade it, over time.

Immune System

how to prevent the corona virus
Building a strong immune system is your best defense against viruses

Stress is known to activate the immune system. This is a good thing if it’s short-lived because it helps you ward off infection and heal injuries in the body. But if you’re stressed for long periods of time, cortisol undermines and damages your immune system. This impedes the secretion of histamine and the body’s inflammatory response to unknown dangers.

If you’re affected by chronic stress, you are more likely to catch viral illness like the Corona virus and colds. Additionally, if you’re chronically stressed it will also take you more time to recover from illness or injuries.


Healthy digestion not only makes a health body, it also creates a healthy mind. Good mental digestion helps us process ideas, experiences and emotions for our overall peace and well-being.

Additionally the liver is a remarkable organ. It produces glucose to provide you with a boost of energy when you are under stress. Whatever your body doesn’t need is then reabsorbed. Yet, if you’re under chronic stress, your system may not be able to keep up with the extra blood sugar your liver is making. If your body is producing too much glucose, you could be at risk of Type2 diabetes. You’re also more likely to get heartburn or acid reflux if you’re under stress. Stress can cause ulcers and can cause pre-existing ones to make mischief.

Sexuality and Reproductive System

Stress can also upset the menstrual cycles of certain women. Too much stress can cause your periods to be painful, heavier or even non-existent. It can also aggravate physical symptoms of menopause for older women.

For men, extended periods of stress can result in lower testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction and even impotency. Many men under stress experience this as the loss of sexual desire. To pass the time in quarantine many plan to catch up on sex! And if you’re trying to make a baby, you need to be having sex, so chill out!! 😉

Staying Calm in uncertain and stressful times can be challenging. In fact, it can feel impossilbe when your mind is going crazy with fear and anxiety.

If your struggling in these times, here are some tips you can follow that may help.

Practice Gratitude

It's almost impossible to be stressed if you're in gratitude. Studies have shown that making a list of all the things you're grateful for can drastically improve your mood and outlook.

By focusing on the things you are grateful for, it trains your brain to think more positively. You are 100% responsible for your thoughts, so switch your focus from the bad things going on right now, to the good. For example, if you are working from home, it may be challenging if you have kids, but at least you are all safe and you have a home to work from.

Establish a Routine

Life can feel really strange right now, and even though we don't like it, it is vital to accept it. Acceptance is the golden key to freedom and one of the most powerful, life-changing practices you can choose.

There is no precident to reference for what is unfolding right now, so you may not know how to navigate your days. By establishing a routine, it's going to help you ease some uncertainty. So schedule set times that you wake up and start work. Make sure you give yourself breaks throughout the day and have a set finish time too. Just excuting a routine can erase so much of the uncertainty you're feeling right now.

Get Support

One of the good things about these uncertain times, is that everyone is impacted. This means there's a lot of available support in terms of family and friends. Or, you may find reaching out to online support systems and forums is useful.

You can also find more practical support too. If you are struggling with finances, or worried about how the future will play out, don't hesitate to reach out to a trained professional or therapist.

Focus on Self-Care

The more you practice self-care, the less stressed you’ll be throughout this time. Below I will list some relaxation techniques to calm your mind, but do the things that relax you every day. You may never have a chunk of time like this again, so listen to the music you love, read the book you've been saving for summer vacation.

Relaxation Techniques to Calm Your Mind (or Dismiss Corona Virus Stress)

There are scores of relaxation techniques to calm your mind. Physical relaxation is the act of releasing tension in the muscles of the body. Mental relaxation is the action of releasing the tension the the thought process. One thing is certain, relaxation takes practice, so make sure to carve out at least 10-15 minutes each day to let go of stress. After you get the hang of it you’ll be able to stay calm even while you're in stressful situations.

Meditation is a widely known method for clearing the mind. There are many different styles of meditation so find one that suits your needs and lifestyle. For others, a moving meditation like exercise provides them a very good outlet to recharge their mind.

The health and well-being of your mind plays a very a key role in your health, physically and mentally. Keeping a peaceful state of mind is one of the finest ways to protect you from the negative effects of stress. Remember that stress and anxiety are unavoidable hurdles we all deal with. You cannot completely eliminate stress from your life. It’s how you manage the stresses of your everyday life that's important. It's also the key to overcoming them.

Remember to be kind to yourself and don't expect too much from yourself.

I'd love to hear what you're doing to pass the days below, so reach out and connect. 🙂 xo

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The information presented here is in no way meant to serve as medical advice. If you are experiencing symptoms of any kind, please consult with your physician.

coping with corona virus stress
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