75% of all people in the US have foot problems at some time in their life. Total foot care can reduce your chances of being one of them and can prevent infections, calluses, and other foot ailments. Here we'll explore 10 total foot care practices for healthy feet for life.

Develop a habit of washing your feet before bedtime. This will help remove the day's dust and bacteria from your feet and prevent buildup.

1. Keep Your Feet Clean

Soak your feet in a mix of  warm water and Epsom salts. This will loosen any dead skin that is on the surface of your skin and also produce a calming response in your body

2. Soak Your Feet

Dead skin is unsightly and can make your skin look drier and older than it should. Also, it can  trap harmful and foul-smelling bacteria.

3. Remove Dead Skin

Keep your feet moisturized with a good foot oil. Massage your feet with oil before bed and then wear socks for extra absorption

4. Use a Good Foot Oil

Longer toenails can become a place for bacteria and fungus to build up, so keep them as short as possible. Invest in a good pair of nail clippers.

5. Keep Your Toe Nails Trimmed

A foot massage will dramatically decrease stress and help you to improve circulation. One of the best foot tools specifically designed for the feet is a Kansa Foot Wand which comes from Ayurveda.

6. Massage Your Feet With a Kansa Wand

Shoes that are too small or too big can constrict the natural movement of your bones and throw you off balance. Your shoes should always be comfortable and allow for good ventilation.

7. Buy Shoes That Fit Well

If sweat collects in your shoes, it can lead to fungal infection on the surface of your skin or between your toes.

8. Don't Let Sweaty Feet Go Unchecked

Take note of anything unusual. Notice if you see any evidence of infection like changes in your skin around toenails. Other types of signals could be discoloration, thickening, bruising or blistering.

9. Do Regular Self-Exams

Most polishes contain chemicals that are damaging. And extended wear causes yellow discoloration and puts you at a risk of fungus and infections. Polish and polish remover also causes the nails to become brittle.

10. Take a Polish Break

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