Cancer catches many people by surprise. But there are early warning signs that can lead to early detection. Here are 10 warning signs of cancer growing in  your body. 

1. Pelvic Pain or Abnormal Bleeding

Persistent pain in your low back, pelvis, appendix, or legs could be a sign of cervical uterine or ovarian cancer.

2. Changes in Bowel Movements

A substantial shift in bowel function may be a sign of certain cancers such as prostate, colon, or  bladder cancer.

3. Unusual Lumps

Cancerous lumps tend to be sizable, firm or hard, and painless when touched.

A change in the appearance of moles or birthmarks may be an indicator of  cancer growing.

4. Skin Changes

Growing cancer may press on your nerves, causing nerve changes. Bone or pancreatic cancer are more often associated with pain.

5. Persistent Pain

Multiple bruises in several parts of your body without cause may be a sign of  blood cancer.

6. Excessive Brusing

The types of cancer most likely to have cough symptoms are squamous cell carcinoma and small-cell undifferentiated lung cancer.

7. Chronic Coughing

If your headaches persist for more than two weeks and aren't responsive to standard medication, it may be a warning sign of cancer caused by a brain tumor.

8. Constant Headache

If you are tired much of the time regardless of how much sleep you've had the night before, it could be a warning sign of certain types of cancer.

9. Fatigue

Cancers of the esophagus and stomach are more likely to cause weight loss.

10. Unexplained Weight Loss

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