How To Spend Less  on Groceries

15 Easy Tips to Save You Money on Food.

Use these tips to cut your food costs and still eat well.

1. Make Use of Inexpensive Sources of Protein

Meat is one of the most expensive food categories in your food budget and a meat heavy diet can cost you.

2. Stop Buying Processed Food

Often people don't realize that the money they spend on junk food could have been used to buy more nutritious food.

3. Buy Spices and Herbs in Bulk

Spices at the grocery store will cost you almost double the price.

4. Eat Produce   In Season

Eating out of season produce will cost you more. Produce that is in season is is not only cheaper, it's healthier!

5. Eat More Meals  at Home

Eating out often is not only unhealthy, it is expensive!

6. Grow a Kitchen Garden

Growing your own food in an excellent way to save money.

7. Use Ice Cube Trays

Use ice cube trays to save herbs, spices, homemade bone broth, chicken stock, lemon juice, pesto, tomato paste, etc.

8. Shop for Groceries  Online

Besides saving you time, online shopping can save you money. The ability to quickly compare products and prices makes it easy to save money.

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