12 Simple Steps to

Detox Your Liver

Results May Include:

*Weight Loss *More Energy *Allergy Relief *Better Digestion and    Elimination

Your liver is your body's main detoxifying organ. Consider it the housekeeper of your body. Here are 12 natural ways to help you cleanse this vital organ for better health.


Morning Lemon Water

Drink warm lemon water first thing every morning to flush your digestive system and alkalize your body.


Milk Thistle, Peppermint Tea

Milk Thistle contains Silymarin that supports, regenerates and prevents toxins from entering the walls of liver cells


Sip Hot Water

Sipping plain hot water every 10-15 minutes can help to flush and rehydrate your body deeply


Get 8 Hours of Sleep

Your liver does its cleaning between 10 pm and 2 am each night. It is important to be sleeping by 11 pm each night to support your liver health.


Avoid Anything Deep-fried

A poor diet causes fatty liver disease. When your liver is fat, it cannot function and gets one step closer to liver damage.


Say "NO" to Processed Foods

Any food with chemicals or additives are toxic to your liver.  Processed foods are typically high in sugars, low in fiber and whole grains, processed with sodium, and high in fat or trans or saturated fat.


Vitamin C

Eat plenty of citrus fruit and take Vitamin C to promote a healthy liver and neutralize the toxins released by the liver.


Let Go of Anger

Anger is a heated emotion that is very much related and harmful to your liver. Managing your emotions in a healthy way is vital to a healthy liver.


Don't Drink Alcohol

 Liver damage is a high price to pay for excessive alcohol consumption. Take a break from behaviors that are damaging to your health.


Move Your Body 

Your body needs you to move at least 30 minutes daily to keep everything functioning properly.  Your lymphatic system works much better at flushing waste when you move your muscles.


Eat Organic Whenever Possible

Eating organic helps to reduce your body's toxic burden. Pesticides and herbicides are toxic and expose you to dangerous poisons.

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