The liver is the body's main detoxifying organ. It is also the most over-worked. Consider your liver the housekeeper of your body. To have a clean liver is like having a clean start in life. Here we cover 11 ways to help you cleanse this vital organ of yours.

Drink warm lemon water first thing every morning to kick start your metabolism, flush your digestive system and alkalize your body

1. Morning Lemon Water

Milk Thistle contains Silymarin and studies show it supports the walls of the liver cells, preventing toxins from penetrating them. The peppermint increases the effectiveness of milk thistle and improves its taste.

2. Daily Milk Thistle / Peppermint tea

Sipping plain hot water every 10-15 minutes can help to flush and rehydrate your body deeply.  Drinking water is excellent for liver health.

3. Water

It is extremely important to be sleeping by 11 pm each night if you want to support your liver. Your liver does its cleaning between 10 pm and 2 pm each night.

4. Get 8 hours of sleep

A poor diet causes fatty liver disease. – It can only take so much of this.  When the liver is fat, it cannot function and gets one step closer to liver damage.

5. Avoid eating deep-fried foods

Processed foods are typically: *High in sugars *Low in fiber *Processed with sodium *High in fat or include trans fat and lots of saturated fat.

6. Say “NO” to processed foods

Fruits and vegetables are liver-friendly and will not only help you in the cleansing process, but your lungs, heart, and other organs will reap the benefits as well.

7. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Eat plenty of citrus fruits and take vitamin C.  Vitamin C helps to promote a healthy liver and also neutralizes the toxins released by the liver

8.Vitamin C

Liver damage is a high price to pay for excessive alcohol consumption.  Take a break from alcohol and the behaviors that are damaging your health.

9. Don’t drink alcohol

Your body requires you to move to keep everything functioning properly.  Your lymphatic system works much better at flushing waste when you move your muscles.

10. Move your body for at least 30 minutes every day

Eating organic helps to reduce your body’s toxic burden.  Pesticides and herbicides are toxic and expose you to dangerous poisons.

11. Eat organic whenever you can

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