Gardening can be challenging, especially if you're new to it.  Here are some of the best gardening tips for beginners to  Use these tips to help your garden grow healthy and strong!

No sense planting spinach if no one will even taste it. On the other hand, try a few veggies that are new to you.

1. Grow vegetables your family likes to eat

Corn must be 3 feet apart and produce only 2 ears of corn each. Most varieties take a while to reach maturity, nearly all summer.

2. Think hard about planting corn

Don't waste space on vegetables that taste about the same whether from the store or garden.

3. Don't waste space

Place 10 or so seeds in a bowl of warm water and then in a warm. The seeds should show embryonic rootlets after a week or so. If these seeds don't sprout, the rest of the package of seeds probably won't either

4. Test the viability of old seeds

Some vegetables grow well almost anywhere, but others do well only in particular climates.

5. Know your growing zone and choose vegetables accordingly

The same crop, grown in the same spot year after year uses up the same nutrients and even the best practices won't always restore the nutrients the crop requires.

6. Improve your soil with crop rotation.

If you improve your garden soil with compost, you will have a vibrant, vigorous garden.

7. Compost Your Scraps

Water when the garden needs it, not on a set schedule. Experts say water if the garden hasn't received an inch of rain per week.

8. Water Deeply Only When Needed

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