What Does A Slim Healthy Body And A Clean Liver Have In Common? 

(They Both LOVE Lemons!)

Superfood Liver Detox Program 3D cover
Superfood Liver Detox Program Inside

All-Around #1 Best Investment For Your Health This Season

Created by an Ayurvedic Practitioner

"I was in Good Health, but there was still something that felt not quite right. This Detox Program did it for me. I never knew I had a sluggish liver until a gave it a good cleaning. I've got twice the energy I use to have and my thinking is so much clearer"

This is for you if...

  • You HAVE already tried harsh cleanses.
  • You ARE afraid to detox because of the potential for bad side-effects.
  • You DON'T have the money for expensive detox programs.
  • You WANT to make a powerful change for your health. 


Here is What You Get Inside the 
Superfood Liver Detox Program!

Natural Remedies

You will learn what the liver does for you and natural remedies to care for it.

Weight Loss

You will learn the link between cleansing your liver and seeing  those pounds shed off one by one.

Liver Detox Expert

You will learn the in's & out's
of Liver Detoxing

Shopping List

Your shopping list is already done. Just grab it and head over to the grocery store. Easy breezy! Talk about a relief!

Meal Plan

You get a complete Meal plan with the recipes for each meal: Breakfast, Lunch,

Dinner and Snacks

Time Saving

No asking yourself “What will I
make for dinner?” or searching for recipes.
 It’s all decided for you. You save a bunch of time during 10 days.

Get instant access to our Superfood Liver Detox Program now!

Here is What is Inside

With over 40 easy-to-prepare detox recipes in 4 different categories, you can detox the right way with delicious real food meals, snacks even, not just Green Smoothies. 

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    Does Liver Cleansing Really Work? Learn all about how Liver Cleansing is your secret weapon.

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    The Liver Cleanse- The Weight Loss Secret You Never Heard  Yes, you read that correctly. Cleansing the liver helps your body to loose excess body fat. As simple as that!

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     The 1, 2,3's of Cleansing your Liver Get the foundation of Liver Cleansing. The What, Why, How of assisting your liver in its life-saving role of cleaning out your body and inner systems. 

  •  Natural Therapies For Your Liver Here you will learn about some simple yet very effective natural therapies to assist your liver in its constant attempts to detox itself. You will learn how to support that process by including some powerful foods.

  • Why Should You Cleanse Your Liver? Here we go into the Why of it all. Why are you doing this anyways. What are the health benefits you will see dripping back into your life.

  • The 10-day Liver Detox Meal Plan Here is where the rubber meets the road. Here is the Plan that you will follow during the cleanse with grocery lists, a detailed plan for every single meal and snack during the cleanse + all those delicious recipes.

This Cleanse Was Really What Gave Me The Jumpstart To Feeling Like Myself Again!

"This was just what I needed. As a new mother, I was having trouble losing that extra baby fat. Going through this cleanse was really what gave me the jumpstart to feeling like myself again. Thank you Jackie for creating this Liver Detox! Makes me a better mommy."

Joanna Johnson

This Detox Was The Best Thing I Could Of Done For Myself!

"Before doing this detox, I was in a horrible place in my health, in my body, in my life. My diet was awful and I felt terrible. I hardly had enough energy to make through the day, without very caffeinated or sugary drinks. And I had been struggling to lose weight. This detox was the best thing I could of done for myself. I worried that I was going to be hungry and not really like the food, but I was surprised. I enjoyed the meals and felt satisfied. And now, I am officially a tea drinker. Never thought that would happen. It’s slimming me down beautifully.

Lucie DeVoes

Superfood Liver Detox Program 3D cover

Going Once, Going Twice...

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Our mission is to help you be healthy by providing simple and effective detox recipes and programs. 

The Superfood Liver Detox Program is design to help your body's natural detoxification functions so you can eliminate harmful toxins. 

We don't believe in starving or  feeling awful for the sake of health.  Every recipe is formulated to help you feel nourished and satisfied. 

We stay true to our mission by providing an unconditional no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. Take  30 days to fully use and evaluate our program. 

If you are not completely satisfied within 30 days of your purchase, we'll refund you the full price. It's that simple. 

I've Got Twice The Energy I Use To Have & My Thinking Is Much Clearer!

"I was already in good health prior to doing the Superfood Liver Detox. I was active physically, I ate a vegetarian diet and limited the sugar I consumed. But there was still something that felt not quite right. This Detox Program did it for me. I never knew I had a sluggish liver until I gave it a good cleaning. I’ve got twice the energy I use to have and my thinking is so much clearer. Love your Liver, folks! It truly does do so much for you."

Christine Kennedy

So Easy To Follow & The Recipes Are Delicious!

"I have done many cleanses in the past. And this is by far the easiest Detox I’ve ever done. So easy to follow. And the recipes are delicious. I particularly love the Healthy Spiced Nuts and all those Veggie Burgers. They have now become part of our family favorites. I love that I can feel great about feeding my family these healthy foods and they keep asking for it again and again."

Jodi Millman


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Will I get a copy of the Superfood Liver Detox Program in the mail?

Will I feel sick or uncomfortable during the detox? Will I be able to prevent headaches?

Do I have to buy expensive foods to follow the detox program?

Can this detox diet be followed by vegetarians and vegans?

Can I eat out while detoxing?

How can I combat afternoon drowsiness without coffee while detoxing?

Is the detox a liquid-only diet?

How can I start using the Superfood Liver Detox Program?

Get instant access to the Superfood Liver Detox Program now!

This is THE All-Natural Plan to Improve your Health, Lose Weight, have Glowing Skin, Improve your Immune System and Increase Energy - PLUS Recipes.

Superfood Liver Detox Program 3D cover