7 Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas When You Have Little Time

quick healthy breakfast ideas

It's helpful to have a few quick healthy breakfast ideas at the ready for those days when you don't have a lot of time to fuss. The best thing is that these breakfast ideas require few ingredients, and still contain plenty of great flavors.

7 Quick, Healthy Breakfast Ideas

1. Overnight Chia Seed Oatmeal

quick healthy breakfast ideas

If you don't want to add anything extra to your morning routine, but you equally appreciate a wholesome meal for your breakfast, then overnight chia seed oatmeal is the way to go.

This overnight oatmeal can give you that perfect, healthy homemade meal. The main ingredients are milk chia seeds, and rolled oats. But if you prefer other tasty additional ingredients like honey or maple syrup, you can add them to the mixture.

During the preparation, mix all the ingredients in a container and leave them to cool overnight in a refrigerator. The results in the morning are creamy, and soft oats are likened to slowly cooked oatmeal.

The Chia seeds, rich in omega-3, and many other health benefits, add a nutty flavor to the oatmeal. You can pair this breakfast with a bit of cinnamon, maple syrup, and vanilla to add flavor and sweetness to this healthy quick breakfast.

If you're so busy, you can prepare the same meal more quickly by placing all the ingredients in a to-go container and refrigerating them. In the morning, as you're making the meal, top it with a sliced banana or slivered almonds, and your breakfast is ready.

Warm for a few minutes on the stove if you like. You can also add a few drops of Sunday Scaries CBD oil to enhance its therapeutic value.

2. Poached Egg Toast and Avocado

quick healthy breakfast ideas

There's no other more fantastic way to enjoy a tasty and healthy meal than by having avocado toast for breakfast. In this case, you only need eggs, whole grain bread, salt, and pepper.

To prepare, take two slices of slightly toasted whole-grain bread and sliced or smashed Avocado, and sprinkle some salt and pepper. Put eggs on one side of each piece of bread to achieve a healthy protein content in your meal.

3. Smoked Salmon Bagel

The ingredients to make the ultimate smoked salmon bagel include smoked salmon, cream cheese, red onions, salt, and any additional zingy flavor of your choice. This specific flavor always blends nicely with the salmon.

In addition, the low-calorie marinated red onions you can use add color and flavor and some delicious flavor to the meal.

For the healthy part of this breakfast, add whole-grain bagels for additional fiber to this breakfast sandwich. You can make this your weekend favorite for its unique texture and indulgent taste.

4. Frozen Breakfast Quesadillas

Preparing this make-ahead frozen breakfast Quesadillas will get your family to the kitchen quickly to taste this fantastic vegetarian meal.

This quick, healthy breakfast is full of proteins and flavor with fluffy scrambled eggs, red onion, hearty black beans, cilantro, sweet corn, and cheddar seasoning. You can easily add taco seasoning and tortilla wraps to get a wholesome tantalizing breakfast.

If you want a healthier meal, ensure you use whole wheat tortillas as they are move nutritious than refined tortillas.

5. Green Smoothie

quick healthy breakfast ideas

If you don't have a giant appetite in the morning or want a liquid breakfast, this green smoothie can work for you. It's simple and delicious and perfect for the morning rush because it takes only a few minutes to blend frozen or fresh fruit.

The ingredients include mango slices, one medium banana, frozen spinach, water as required, and peach slices. You can use fresh or frozen fruit and vegetables.

To prepare, blend all the ingredients until smooth. Keep adding water to the mixture till you achieve your desired consistency. Enjoy this fruity, sweet, and easy-to-make smoothie while giving yourself a healthy serving of greens in your drink.

If you want to add some protein, add a pinch of vanilla protein to achieve that. Furthermore, this smoothie is the best portable preference for your morning commute.

6. Breakfast Bars

Making a batch of no-sugar granola bars can be an easy, healthy breakfast on the go!

All you need are dried cherries, cranberries jumbo oats, melted butter, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and ripe medium-sized bananas.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, then mix the oats, cherries, seeds, and cranberries in a bowl. Add the melted butter and mix properly to ensure all the oats are well coated with the butter. After that, mash the bananas and mix them with the oat mixture. Then spread the mixture into a tin and bake in the oven for 25 minutes.

When it's cooked, transfer it onto a rack to cool, then divide it into six bars or the number of bars you prefer and enjoy your breakfast.

7. Apple Pie and Banana Porridge

quick healthy breakfast ideas

Apple pie porridge is a warm and comforting porridge spiced up with typical flavors of homemade apple pie. You need cinnamon, a diced medium apple, porridge oats, and semi-skimmed milk for the preparation.

Place the ingredients together in a saucepan and place them on a source of heat. Keep stirring until it boils while lowering the heat and gently simmer for five minutes. Remember to keep mixing as it simmers, then pour or spoon the porridge into a bowl after adding a pinch of cinnamon. You can leave it to cool or drink it warm per your preference.

Additionally, you can substitute the apple pie with bananas, whereby you can put a handful of blueberries and oats in a bowl then add milk of choice. After heating for 4 minutes, add the mashed banana which substitutes honey for sugar, making the porridge healthier.

Always remember to use a very ripe banana for excellent results. The two types of porridge are so important, especially when you have to start your day when it's cold or chilly. They are also healthy, delicious and can give you the energy and warmth you require to start the day.


The above quick, healthy breakfast ideas can help you start your day with some vegetables, fruits, and protein to make a significant difference in your energy throughout the day.

quick healthy breakfast ideas
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