Going Outdoors in Places You Love Will Enhance Your Physical and Mental Well-being

Reconnecting to Nature Will Even Encourage You to Act in Ways that Promote Environmental Health

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People who visit natural spaces weekly report better physical and mental wellbeing.

Every day, I try to go outside in places that I love, for example walking in a forest or along the beautiful river in my home town.

My promenades in nature are like a moving meditation to empty my head, take a break and to fill my body and soul with energy.

Those escapades also help me to reconnect with nature, feeling whole with my environment.

Well, it seems that I am right doing so. (And you probably should try it too!)

According to a new study investigating the contribution of both nature contact and connection to human health and pro-environmental behaviors, individuals who visit natural spaces weekly, and feel psychologically connected to them, report better physical and mental well-being.

Lead author Leanne Martin explains her motivational conclusions:

In the context of increasing urbanization, it is important to understand how engagement with our planet's natural resources relate to human health and behavior. […]

Our results suggest that physically and psychologically reconnecting with nature can be beneficial for human health and well-being, and at the same time encourages individuals to act in ways that protect the health of the planet.

Emma in Wales has chosen an extreme lifestyle to build a closer relationship to nature while also creating a lifestyle where she is free of the pressures of the modern world. And she lives beautifully.

So I will let you try on your side. I don't ask you to live like Emma… of course not.

But I must underline it's working for me!  Going outdoor in thriving natural places that I love is improving my physical health, my mental well-being and encourages me to help and take care of mother nature.

Please tell me how reconnecting with nature has helped you enhance your physical and emotional health in the comment below. I think there will only be positive comments!

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Written by Jackie Parker

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